90.26 - University of Idaho Student Union Building – Sound Production & Lighting Services

Last updated August 25, 2005 (formerly 80.26)

A. General. SUB Sound Production & Lighting Services is the audio/visual department of the UI Student Union Building. The department provides technical support as needed for events in the SUB. Services provided by SUB Sound Production & Lighting Services include the following:

A-1. Sound Reinforcement. Sound reinforcement is available for events ranging from medium scale live concerts to small lectures and ceremonies.

A-2. Stage Lighting. Limited stage lighting is available for various events.

A-3. Teleconferencing. Conference rooms are the SUB are wired to a central audio and video patching system. This allows the capability to offer live video teleconferencing services.

A-4. Audio/Visual Equipment Rate Charges. Detailed rate sheets are available, listing both UI rates and commercial rates for use of equipment and services. For information or questions, contact SUB Sound Production & Lighting Services at (208) 885-6947.