90.24 - University of Idaho Student Health Services

Last updated August 25, 2005 (formerly 80.24)

A. General. The University of Idaho's Student Health Services provides excellent high quality outpatient medical care to full-time students, spouses, and dependents. The center has a professional staff ready to provide preventive care as well as to treat illnesses and injuries. Psychiatric services, pharmacy, x-ray and laboratory services are also available.

B. Procedures. The following guidelines are used to establish patient eligibility, charges, hours of operation, medical withdrawals, and handicapped parking privileges.

B-1. Eligibility. Only full-time and part-time students, spouses, and dependents are eligible to be seen at Student Health Services. Eligibility is determined by having a valid ID card. Faculty and staff are not eligible to be seen at the Student Health Services. Special contracts have been arranged with the University for asbestos physicals and chemical vapor physicals for employees, medical surveillance for animal workers, summertime campers at the University of Idaho, and visiting students from other campuses.

B-2. Fees. Full-time students are charged $5.00 per outpatient visit. Part-time students, spouses and dependents are charged a $40.00 eligibility fee [per semester] to be seen at Student Health Services. In addition, they are charged a $5.00 office fee each visit. Reduced nominal fees are charged for certain procedures and special services such as laboratory tests, x-rays, and medications. Students may pay in cash or charge to their student account, fees incurred at Student Health Services. Students may also charge by the Vandal card system. Students that do not cancel their appointments within 24 hours are charged an outpatient service charge.

B-3. Hours of Operation. The Student Health Service is open throughout the year except University holidays. During the regular school year the hours of operation are MTWF 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Th 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Summer hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

B-4. Operations. The Student Health Service operates on a walk-in basis with no appointments necessary. Appointments may be scheduled for physicals and Pap smears by calling the Office at (208) 885-6693 or by coming in to the Student Health Service to make an appointment. Emergency care is available at Gritman Medical Center when the Health Service is closed.

B-5. Medical Withdrawals. Only the director of the Student Health Services may issue a medical withdrawal for a student regarding a particular medical illness. Registration may be flagged for the next enrollment in order to determine if the patient is able to re-enter the University of Idaho.

B-6. Handicap Parking. All physicians and nurse practitioners may issue a temporary or permanent handicap parking permit following the special forms distributed by the Information and Parking Services, North Campus Center.

C. Information. Inquiries regarding medical care should be referred to the Student Health Services at (208) 885-6693.