75.34 - Payments Against a Budget

March 15, 2015

Preamble: Under certain circumstances it is acceptable to process invoices without providing a payment document such as a claim voucher, purchase order or purchasing card. Payment directly against the budget is acceptable in the following cases noted in B.  

A.    Definitions
B.    Policy
C.    Process/Procedure
D.    Contact Information

A. Definitions.

A-1. Direct Pay. Payment made directly against the budget without providing a payment document, such as a claim voucher, purchase order or purchasing card.

A-2. Recurring Invoices. Payments set to pay automatically on a set day with a set amount for a period of time.

B. Policy

B-1. Recurring Payments.  Multiple payments that are issued with the same payment schedule and budget information may be scheduled as yearly, monthly, biweekly or weekly as needed. To guarantee no interruption of payments, Recurring payments are set up initially with a claim voucher that specifies the amounts and dates of future payments.

B-2. Credit Memos. Credit memos are processed on a budget in order to guarantee the use or the credit memo without fiscal year limitations. All credit memos will be entered in Banner; we do not short pay invoices.

B-3 Utility Charges. Direct payment against the budget is used for monthly utility charges from vendors such as Avista Corp.

C. Process/Procedure:  Units upload invoice images directly to Accounts Payable with a budget number and expense account code along with an authorized signature.  Accounts Payable enters invoices into Banner, and then invoices are approved through the queue process.  Recurring payments are processed automatically by Accounts Payable and will be routed through the approval queue.    

D.  Contact Information.  Questions regarding the use of Claim vouchers should be addressed to Accounts Payable (208-885-5379) or Business and Accounting Services (208-885-2719).