70.09 - Travel Expenses Paid from Nonappropriated Funds

Last updates August 24, 2005

A. General. The Vice President for Finance and Administration is authorized to approve exceptions to these travel regulations when the expenses will be paid from funds received through gifts, local service funds, or other non-appropriated sources. Exceptions are granted to the extent that they are warranted by economic considerations and permitted by the terms governing the use of the particular funds involved.

A-1. University Approval Required. The university approves travel arrangements and reimbursements for travel under the guidelines of the external, non-appropriated funding agency for domestic or international travel. In the absence of established contractor rates, travel arrangements and reimbursement (whether for domestic or international travel) will default to the standardized U.S. Department of State rates.

A-2. Outside Agency Travel Criteria Used. Travel guidelines and practices of the funding agency are used. This includes, but is not limited to, such travel related factors as stopovers, routings, local travel in the cooperating country, indirect travel for personal convenience, dependent travel, emergency travel, rest and recuperation (R&R) travel, transportation of personal effects and vehicles, storage of personal effects, and insurance on shipped and stored effects.