70.06 - UI Employee Travel Advances

Last updated August 24, 2005

A. General. If the estimated cost of an approved trip exceeds $100, Travel Management Services (TMS) will provide the UI employee an advance equal to 90% of the estimated expenses. The advance must be requested on the Travel Authorization and Encumbrance form [See APM 70.05].

A-1. Extended Travel Periods. When an employee is required to travel away from their home station over an extended period of weeks or months, travel advances will generally be made on a monthly basis only.

B. Process. Timing of Travel Advance Payments. Travel advance requests should be submitted to TMS at least three to five full business days prior to travel. Advance checks will be issued no more than two weeks prior to the traveler’s departure date.

B-1. Advances Charged Against Employee’s Personal Account Receivable. The travel advance charge is removed from this account when (1) a properly submitted Travel Claim form [See APM 70.05] showing expenses equal to or greater than the advance is submitted, or (2) a Travel Claim form showing expenses less than the advance is submitted together with repayment of the balance due UI. If a balance is due UI and not repaid by the employee, it will be recovered by payroll deduction after the Travel Office has given sufficient notice to the employee and provided a reasonable time for the employee to respond. Use of the advanced funds for any purpose other than for legally reimbursable expenses constitutes misappropriation of UI funds.