60.47 - Vehicle Purchases, New and Used

Last updated August 24, 2005

A. General. Purchasing Services shall procure new and used vehicles according to specifications submitted by the requesting department. All purchases for new vehicles shall be made on a competitive basis.

A-1. Licensed Idaho Dealers. Only those dealers licensed within the State of Idaho will be considered according to the Idaho Code for new vehicles.

A-2. Used Vehicle Exceptions. Due to the difficulty in comparing prices of disparate vehicles and conditions, departments are not required to participate in the competitive bid process for used vehicles. Departments may contact vehicle dealers directly to obtain an offer.

B. Process. Requests for vehicle purchases are submitted on a requisition to include the following requirements:

  1. Type of vehicle requested, (e.g., pickup, sedan, van, etc.)
  2. New or used condition
  3. Engine size
  4. Two wheel or four wheel drive
  5. Weight
  6. Passenger capacity
  7. Color
  8. Any other salient specifications

C. Title and Registration. Immediately following purchase award, Business and Accounting Services shall be sent a copy of the purchase order and will be responsible for title and registration procedures.