60.22 - Contract Approval Document (CAD)

Last updated June 2, 2011

A. General. Any contracts or agreements requiring the signature of the Vice President for Finance and Administration or his/her designee, and entered into based on the University’s Contracts and Agreements Approval Matrix [See APM 60.20], require the initiating administrator to prepare and submit a Contract Approval Document (CAD). [ed. 6-11]

B. Process. The Contract Approval Document (CAD) along with a standard contract form is available on the Purchasing Services website.  Section I of the CAD is completed by the initiating administrator. Section II of the CAD is completed at the College, Major Administrative or Division level.  The document with appropriate approval signatures should be forwarded to Contracts and Purchasing Services along with the proposed contract or agreement for completion by Finance & Administration. [rev. 6-11]

C. Information. Any questions or requests for information should be directed to Contracts and Purchasing Services at (208) 885-6116. [rev. 6-11]