60.15 - Public Works

Last updated August 24, 2005

A. General. In order to efficiently and effectively process requests for services that are determined to be Public Works, Facilities shall have the responsibility for all requests that will result in an attachment to, or alteration of, a University-owned facility, regardless of dollar amount.

A-1. Idaho Code. Public Works is defined in the Idaho State Code in Section 67-5710 B as:

Any new building, alteration, repair, demolition or improvement of any land, building, structure including utilities, or remodeling or renovation of existing buildings, or other physical facilities, to make physical changes necessitated by changes in the program to meet standards required by applicable codes, to correct other conditions hazardous to health and safety of persons which are not covered by codes, or to effect a permanent improvement to the facility for any reason including aesthetics or appearance.

C.Process. Any requisition for Public Works which is received in Purchasing Services, shall be referred to Facilities Project Center at campus mail [MS 83844-2281], or phone contact at (208) 885-6246.