55.43 - Death Benefits Retirees

July 21, 2009 (formerly APM 50.53)

A. General. Emeritus and honored staff retirees, and disabled retirees of the University may be eligible for certain death benefits.

B. Benefits.

B-1. Life Insurance. Emeritus and honored staff retirees hired prior to January 1, 2002, are eligible for basic retiree life benefits, subject to the following reductions:

i) Age 64 or Less. Retiree life insurance equals one year’s salary (rounded up to the next $1,000) at time of retirement for retirees who retire at age 64 or less.

ii) Ages 65-69. Retiree life insurance decreases to 75% of annual salary (rounded up to the next $1,000) when the retiree is between the ages of 65-69.

iii) Ages 70 and Above. Retiree life insurance decreases to 50% for ages 70 and above.

B-2. Spouse and Dependent Life Insurance. The University retiree life insurance also covers a retiree's spouse and legal dependents age 10 days to 23 years. Information regarding benefit amounts may be obtained from Benefit Services at (208) 885-3697.

i) Dependents. Dependent children do not have rights to convert their coverage after the death of a retiree. [ed. 7-09]

ii) Spouses. Spouses of deceased retirees may convert the spouse life insurance benefit if they do so within 30 days of death. An application for conversion is available on the Benefit Services website.

B-3. Continuation of Medical Coverage for Dependents of Deceased Retirees. A dependent spouse and/or child(ren) covered under the UI Retiree Medical Program at the time of a retiree’s death may have rights to continued participation. Continued participation requires that the surviving dependent(s) continue to meet the eligibility criteria of the retiree medical program and payment of costs. The spouse and/ or any dependent child(ren) must remain unmarried and meet all other dependent eligibility standards.

i) Notification Required. Continued coverage is not automatic. Benefit Services (208) 885-3697 must be contacted within 30 days of the death.

B-4. Public Employee Retirement System of Idaho (PERSI), Optional Retirement Plan (ORP) or Supplemental Retirements Benefits. Surviving beneficiaries of deceased retirees should contact the retirement vendor directly to determine any eligibility to receive benefits. Contact information:

(800) 451-8228

(800) 842-2777

(800) 892-5558

B-5. Social Security. Death benefits and/ or survivors benefits may be available to dependents of deceased retirees. To determine eligibility and obtain information, contact the Social Security Administration. Contact information:

SSA Website

B-6. Voluntary Benefits. Voluntary benefit options may offer additional benefits or options for continuation of coverage. Beneficiaries should contact these vendors directly. Current contact information for voluntary program vendors affiliated with UI may be found on our website: Benefits Website.

C. Process.

C-1. General. Notification of death should be provided to Benefit Services (208) 885-3697, by the spouse or legal representative of the deceased retiree. Benefit Services will assist in completing and filing appropriate forms, and will assist in referring the spouse or legal representative to other agencies.

C-2. Filing Life Insurance Claim In the event of death on a covered retiree or dependent, life insurance claim forms are filed through Benefit Services by the spouse or legal representative of the deceased employee or eligible retiree. In addition to the completed insurance claim forms, a certified Death Certificate is required to be submitted to the insurance company. Insurance claim processing takes approximately 4-6 weeks.