50.54 - Mailing Lists

July 30, 2009

A. General. Mailing lists are available through Business Systems and Accounting Services (BSAS) by employee group (e.g. deans, department heads, officers, classified, etc.) or by employee title (e.g. administrative assistant, custodian, teaching assistant, etc.). These lists are intended for official unit use, including such mailings as questionnaires, invitations, fliers, etc. [rev. 7-09]

B. Process. Units requesting mailing lists for university purposes should contact BSAS. Lists will normally be available by e-mail three days from the date of request. [ed. 7-09]

C. Procedure. To order mailing lists, contact Business Systems and Accounting Services, (208) 885-7100 or e-mail Business Systems Email and provide the following information: [ed. 7-09]

C-1. Specify list criteria. Identify the type of employees, whether on-campus or off-campus; departmental or home address; group of employees, i.e., faculty, exempt, or classified.

D. Information. Additional information about lists available, and the purposes for which they may be used, is available from Business Systems and Accounting Services at (208) 885-7100 or Business Systems Email. [ed. 7-09]