50.17 - Medical Screening for Employment

Last updated February 20, 2008

A. General. The medical screening program for employment is intended to lower on-the-job injuries and workers compensation claims by ensuring that a candidate is able to handle the physical demands of the position. The medical screening will occur only after an initial offer of employment has been made.

B. Procedures for Medical Screening. The following procedures apply for a hiring department with a position that is classified as a position for which medical screening is required. Positions will be classified by the Assistant Vice President for Human Resources or designee in consultation with position managers, based on a review of on-the-job injuries, workers compensation claims information, and the physical requirements of the position.

B-1. Required Notification of Necessary Medical Screening. The job vacancy announcement must state that a successfully completed medical screening is necessary for the position.

B-2. Stipulate Contingent Offer of Employment. Upon selection of a successful candidate and communication of the offer of employment, the hiring department will inform the candidate that hiring is contingent upon the successful completion of a medical screening.

B-3. Medical Appointments Responsibility of Hiring Unit. The hiring department will make the appointment for the candidate to be screened by the University’s contracted provider and for the medical screening. Employment Services, (208) 885-3612, maintains the contact information.

B-4. Medical Reports Submitted to Hiring Units. The hiring department will receive from the contracted health care provider a pass/no-pass report. If the candidate passes, the hiring department can notify him/her of the start date. If the candidate does not pass, the hiring department will notify the candidate in writing of the unsuccessful test results and has the authority to offer the position to the second choice, subject to a medical screening. A candidate shall not begin the job until satisfactory results from the medical screening have been received.

B-5. Medical Screening Only Provided to Successful Candidates. The hiring department is allowed to screen only candidates to whom the position has been offered.

C. Exceptions. Current University of Idaho employees who are in positions requiring a medical screening and who apply for other opportunities where the same medical screening is required, without a break in service, may be exempt from the medical screening for that new position, at the discretion of the Assistant Vice President for Human Resources or designee. For example, an employee currently working as a team cleaning specialist and who applies for a team cleaning lead position would not need to undergo a medical screening as long as there was no break in service, as both jobs require the same physical mobility. Other exceptions may be granted in extraordinary cases with the approval of the Assistant Vice President for Human Resources, or designee. [rev. 2-08]

D. Return to Work. When an employee has been absent from the position due to medical treatment and/or extended illness, a release to return-to-work from the health care provider is required before an employee may return to work. The university, at its own expense, may require medical pre-screening for the employee to return to work in a position that includes pre-employment medical pre-screening to ensure the safety and fitness for the prescribed job duties prior to the employee returning to work, with or without restrictions. (See FSH 3710, O-9). [add. 1-08, ed. 2-08]

E. Medical Records Retention. The letter(s) received from the screening provider should be kept with the departmental hiring packet for three years. [ren. 1-08]