45.14 - Approvals for Post Award Changes to Sponsored Projects

January 17, 2012

A. General. Changes to a sponsored project (“K” account) that require sponsor prior approval are to be coordinated through the unit, college, and the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP). Such changes can include but are not limited to: [rev. 1-12]

1) A change in the statement/scope of work; [ed. 1-12]

2) An increase in amount of funding; [ed. 1-12]

3) A change in the status of the Principal Investigator (PI) or other key personnel working on the project (including changes to level of effort, PI leaving University, etc); [rev. 1-12]

4) Changes to the line-item budgets not falling within the authority prescribed by a sponsor (re-budgetings); [ed. 1-12]

5) A change to the period of performance; [ed. 1-12]

6) Any other changes requiring prior sponsor approval. [ed. 1-12]

B. Procedures. OSP shall review all proposed changes and provide guidance to the PI, unit and college, on how approval should be requested for the proposed change. Note that as OSP is responsible for the monitoring of all regulations and obligations associated with sponsored program funding, OSP serves as the final University approval for any and all proposed changes. [rev. 1-12]

Official notification to the sponsor is generally completed via an email or a letter detailing the requested change, and including justification for why the change is needed. This letter shall be written by the PI and countersigned by OSP. Sample letters are available on the OSP website. While the PI is encouraged to discuss potential changes with their technical contact at the agency, official changes to the project must be submitted through OSP to the administrative contact of the sponsor. Note that the sponsor administrative contact is generally the only individual with authority to approve administrative or contractual changes for the sponsor. [rev. 1-12]

C. Contact Information. See the OSP website for a template letter. For questions or additional information please contact the Office of Sponsored Programs at 208-885-6651 or OSP Email. [add. 1-12]