40.30 - Arboretum Development and Management

January 3, 2011

A. General. The University of Idaho Arboretum program is responsible for planning, developing, and maintaining, the collections of trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants, amenities, and general grounds within two university arboreta. Arboretum staff oversee design, plant purchases and installation, fundraising, documentation, and maintenance for approximately 78 campus acres, which are devoted to the two UI arboreta. For education, research, and enjoyment, the arboreta provide and nurture thousands of hardy trees, shrubs, and other plants that are derived primarily from North Temperate regions of the world.

A-1. The Charles Houston Shattuck Arboretum. In 1910, Dr. Charles Houston Shattuck initiated planting on an essentially treeless campus – leading to the development of one of the oldest university tree and shrub plantings in Western North America. In 1933, two years after Shattuck’s death, the UI Board of Regents named his 15-acre “Arboretum Hill” the “Charles Houston Shattuck Arboretum”. Within Shattuck Arboretum are some of the oldest specimens of introduced trees in the Northern Rocky Mountains of the United States.

A-2. University of Idaho Arboretum and Botanical Garden. The 1980, the University of Idaho Board of Regents accepted a Master Plan, which has led to the building of a new 63-acre Arboretum on university land that is contiguous with its central campus in Moscow. Planting began in 1982. The new arboretum is delimited into geographical blocks to illustrate origins of scores of collected and cultivated specimens. The geographic blocks currently in existence consist of Asian, Western North American, Eastern North American, and European plant materials. The Arboretum is designed to have its southernmost portion devoted to educational display gardens, a visitor center, and maintenance facilities. All information concerning each plant or group of plants is maintained in a computer database and updated periodically.

A-3. Arboretum Policies and Operations. Arboretum maintenance programs and operations, oversight is provided by the Facilities Director for Landscape & Exterior Services. Arboretum goals, policies, and large scale project development and implementation are provided by the Arboretum Executive Committee, made up of three faculty members, from the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, the Department of Landscape Architecture, and the College of Natural Resources. Policies are approved by the Provost & Executive Vice President. [ed. 9-06, rev. 1-11]

A-4. Information. For specific information, including policies, or to report problems in the Arboreta, contact the Director of Facilities for Landscape & Exterior Services at (208) 885-6633, the Arboretum Superintendent/Horticulturist at (208) 885-5978, or Facilities at (208) 885-6246. Our email address is Arboretum Email. [ed. 9-06, 1-11]