40.21 - Building Services

December 7, 2009

A. General. Building Services provides custodial services and minor maintenance for the General Education facilities at the UI. Below are the specific functions and information needed to request such services. [rev. 12-09]

B. Process. Building Openings. Building openings for classes and special events are performed by the Building Services staff and the Building Maintenance Department. The Registrar’s office is responsible for scheduling the use of all general education classrooms. To schedule, contact the Registrar’s Office at (208) 885-6731. It is always best to schedule openings well in advance. In the event the building or room is locked and should be open, please call Facilities at (208) 885-6246 or after hours, please call the Steam Plant at (208) 885-6271 for assistance. [ed. 12-09]

B-1. Building Open Hours. All university buildings have opening and closing times posted at their entrances. Questions may be referred to Building Services at (208) 885-6246. [Note: Normally no cleaning or building opening/lockup is available on holidays when UI is officially closed. However, in extraordinary circumstances arrangements can be made by calling Facilities at (208) 885-6246.] [ed. 12-09]

C. Procedures. Custodial and General Cleaning. Custodial needs are scheduled in academic and administrative buildings according to the building usage. Examples of routine services include the following:

  • Building openings and lockup
  • Routine cleaning
  • Floor maintenance
  • Special or emergency cleaning
  • Burned out light replacement
  • Posting building hours
  • Weekend cleaning and building opening/lockup
  • Departmental classrooms that need to be opened

C-1. Custodial Special Requests. To request special cleaning, floor maintenance, or change in routine, call Facilities at (208) 885-6246. [ed. 12-09]

C-2. Floor Maintenance Requests. Floor maintenance is done by the custodial crews on a rotating schedule. Hard floors are normally refinished in hallways, classrooms, and labs once a year. Carpet cleaning is done annually in hallways and classrooms. Hard floor and carpet cleaning in reception areas and private offices is done upon request only. If you have special requests, you should schedule well ahead of a planned event to assure adequate lead time. [rev. 12-09]

D. Procedures. Minor maintenance is provided for academic buildings on campus. Examples of minor maintenance include the following: [add. 12-09]

  • Repair or replacement of floor and ceiling tiles
  • Classroom clocks
  • Restroom dispensers
  • Hanging of pictures
  • Minor repairs on furniture
  • Carpet repairs

E. Pest control. Facilities Services utilizes an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program to control pests in and around general education buildings on campus. The IPM program requires the consideration of all available pest control options including trapping, cultural modifications, structural & habitat modifications, and chemical treatments, among others. Interior and Building Pest Control measures are handled and authorized by the Building Services staff and programs. Contact Facilities at (208) 885-6246 if you need assistance with pest control. [add. 12-09]