40.04 - Facilities - Shop Stores

July 30, 2009 (formerly APM 80.04)

A. General. The Shop Stores operation provides commonly used construction and maintenance supplies for facilities trades work such as electrical, plumbing, HVAC, refrigeration, carpentry, etc. For current information concerning operations, pricing and markup visit our website at UI Shop Stores. [rev. 12-07, 7-09]

B. Procedures. Shop Stores is able to order for any unit, however, most items are purchased for Facilities shop operations. [Note: Units can order and/or purchase first aid supplies from Shop Stores as well.] Shop Stores has a number of vendor contracts that can be used to acquire items quickly. [rev. 12-07, ren. & ed. 7-09]

C. Contact Information. For questions concerning Shop Stores call (208-885-7555) or email us at Shop Stores Email. All questions relating to shipping and delivery for freight or packages should be addressed to Campus Mail & Receiving at Campus Mail Email. [rev. 12-07, ren. 7-09]