35.91 - Bomb Threat Procedures

Last updated August 18, 2005

A. General. Bomb threats usually occur by telephone. Be prepared. Obtain and review the Bomb Threat Checklist. Keep this checklist near or under the phone, where it can be quickly located. Copies of this checklist can be obtained from the Administrative Affairs Office (208) 885-7177.

B. Process. An employee receiving a bomb threat informs the police. The police inform university personnel who determine the appropriate response. Representatives from Facilities Management, Administrative Affairs and Environmental Health and Safety, and the administrator of the department occupying the threatened area participate in development of the response.

C. Procedure. If you receive a bomb threat, remain calm and do the following.

C-1. Check the exact time.

C-2. Listen carefully to the caller’s voice.

C-3. Write down the caller’s exact words.

C-4. Use the Bomb Threat Checklist.

C-5. Ask questions, particularly about:

i) location of device,

ii) time of detonation, and

iii) type of device.

C-6. Listen for background noises.

C-7. Note the time the caller hangs up.

C-8. Hang up the phone. Immediately, before the next call comes in:

i) Pick up the phone and dial *57.

ii) Listen and write down what the recorded message says.

iii) Hang up and pick up the phone and dial *69.

iv) Listen and write down what the recorded message says.

C-9. Call the Police Department (9-911) and report:

i) Your name.

ii) Location and telephone number you are calling from.

iii) The situation (the fact that you have received a bomb threat).

iv) Location of the device, if known.

v) Time it is set to detonate, if known.

vi) Type of device, if known.

vii) Exact time you received the call.

viii) The information received after you dialed *57 and *69.

ix) Any other information on the Bomb Threat Checklist.

C-10. Contact the Administrative Affairs Office at (208) 885-7177 or the Environmental Health and Safety Office at (208) 885-6524. C-11. Inform your supervisor. C-12. Take further action as instructed.

D. Information. For further information, please contact the Administrative Affairs Office at (208) 885-7177, Administrative Affairs Email.