35.28 - Smoking

December 7, 2009

A. General. The university recognizes that (1) health hazards are associated with using tobacco products, (2) exposure to secondhand smoke can adversely affect the heath of nonsmokers, (3) exposure to tobacco smoke can be unpleasant and distracting for nonsmokers, (4) smoking can ignite fires, and (5) smoking can transfer toxic materials from hand to mouth. This section outlines applicable state law and UI policy with regard to smoking.

A-1. Regulatory Requirements. Idaho Code, Title 39, Chapter 55 and Idaho Administrative Code, IDAPA 16.02.23 prohibit smoking in any publicly-owned building or educational facility. [rev. 12-09]

B. Buildings, Facilities, Areas Occupied by State Employees.

B-1. No Smoking. Except as stated in B-2, smoking of any tobacco product including cigarettes, cigars, and pipes or any other product producing smoke is prohibited in all state-owned or state-leased buildings, facilities, vehicles, or areas occupied by state employees.

B-2. Exception. Smoking is permitted in full-time residential facilities owned or leased by UI in accordance with the rules established by the Director of University Residences.

B-3. Outside Smoking Locations. Smoking is prohibited within 25 feet, or at a distance determined by the Director of Environmental Health and Safety, in areas where smoke will be drawn into and affect the air inside buildings, such as at entrance, exits, building openings, open windows, air conditioners, or air-supply intakes.

C. High-Hazard Areas. The Director of Environmental Health and Safety may prohibit smoking in any area outside a building or facility or in a residence hall, if combustible or toxic materials or any other conditions make it a particular hazard to smoke.

D. Violations of Smoking Policy. Smoking in a nonsmoking area is a violation of this policy and may result in discipline by a supervisor. Sanctions may range from warnings through dismissal. The administrator or other employee with responsibility for a building, vehicle, or work area is responsible for enforcing this policy in his or her building or work area.

E. Information. For additional information regarding smoking policy, please contact the Environmental Health and Safety Office at (208) 885-6524. [rev. 12-09]