30.22 - Scheduling and Notification of Central Computer System Outages

Last updated August 17, 2005

A. General. Information Technology Services (ITS) periodically will shutdown its network server computer systems. Hardware reconfigurations and scheduled maintenance can generally not be performed when the systems are active. ITS will attempt to provide adequate (one-week) warning of these outages via Outages web page. For most of the systems, on-line notices will inform users of expected outages.

A-1. Calendar of Scheduled Outages. A calendar of scheduled outages is posted to the uidaho.announce newsgroup every Friday, listing planned outages of all the systems maintained by ITS. However, on occasion a system failure does not allow advance notice. When such failures occur, the Help Desk (208) 885-2725 (dial 5-APAL), is informed and can provide current status of expected recovery times. (Note: If there is general outage for workstations in your area, please do not call ITS for at least 20 minutes so that personnel can concentrate on basic recovery steps - Thank you.)

A-2. Current Outages. If you are experiencing difficulties with network connection, two methods are available to quickly determine network status:

i) Call the ITS Helpdesk at (208) 885-2725 (dial 5-APAL)

ii) Access Web page: Outages