30.10 - Computer User Account Procedures

July 12, 2009

A. General. Requests for obtaining a computer account and associated username by students, faculty, and staff for any of the Information Technology Services (ITS) systems must be made through the Help Desk in the Idaho Commons Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) room 128. A photo id is required when you present yourself for this service. [rev. 7-09]

A-1. Electronic Mail Access. Everyone with a username on one of the ITS e-mail systems has access to the Internet with all of its features including electronic mail. [ed. 7-09]

A-2. Password Assistance. Users can change the password online for any of their usernames at any time. The Help Desk will provide assistance as needed. Users may also get personalized assistance from the Help Desk in changing passwords. See APM 30.15 for the UI password/passphrase policy. (Note: Users will be asked to provide identification before a password is given out or changed.) [rev. 7-09]

B. Process.

B-1. Cancellation of Computer Accounts. Users are required to cancel an account once it is no longer needed. To do this, the user can contact their college or department administrative office or ITS with the request. (Note: Users may be asked to provide identification before a username is canceled.) Accounts for students who are not registered during a semester or faculty and staff who have left the university are deleted automatically unless a special request to retain the account is made to the Help Desk (208) 885-HELP (4357). For accounts that have been deleted, ITS has the ability to forward mail for a limited time to another location at the request of the user. [rev. 7-09]

C. Procedure.

C-1. Preferred E-mail Address. ITS recommends that all employees use a preferred e-mail address of (your username@uidaho.edu e.g., jdoe@uidaho.edu). This will allow the user to switch his or her actual e-mail location from time to time without having to notify friends and colleagues when they move. To find out more about getting a username@uidaho.edu e-mail address, please call the Help Desk at (208) 885-HELP (4357). [ed. 7-09]