30.07 - User Provided Software on ITS Systems (Information Technology Services)

January 11, 2010

A. General. Software, both data files or programs, may be placed on various systems under ITS control for purposes of instruction or research. To place software on one of the following systems, software is brought to ITS (Admin 140) a minimum of one week prior to needed access (two weeks requested). The software is given to the appropriate personnel for prompt installation.

A-1. File Servers for Student Computer PC and Macintosh Labs and Classrooms. ITS operates many open access computer labs and classrooms across campus. In addition, several lecture rooms with PCs, Macs and large display units for viewing the screen are available for teaching. All of these computers are connected to a file server containing a variety of software for student use. Most of the funding for this equipment comes from the annual student computer fee established during the fall of 1993. [ed. 1-10]

A-2. Available Student Computer Lab Software. For a listing of software available from the student computer menu, please look on the following Web page: Help Desk.

B. Information. For further information or questions on user provided software applications on Customer Support controlled systems, call ITS Help Desk at (208) 885-4357 (dial 5-HELP). [ed. 1-10]