20.07 - Credit Card Acceptance

Last updated August 3, 2005

A. General. The university has agreements in place to permit acceptance of VISA, MasterCard, Vandal Debit Card, Discover, debit cards, and check cards for payment in the sale of goods or services. Transactions are normally processed via electronic terminals that are rented from the university's primary bank and require a dedicated telephone line. Departments accepting credit cards are required to pay the cost of the equipment, telephone lines and the applicable merchant discount assessed by the credit card companies.

B. Procedure. Requesting Credit Card Acceptance. Business Systems and Accounting Services has electronic credit card equipment and manual equipment that is available to loan for short periods of time for special events. Departments interested in accepting credit cards need to contact Business Systems and Accounting Services @ (208) 885-6539 to make necessary arrangements. [ed. 7-10]