05.05 - Foreign Liability and Travel/Medical Evacuation Assistance

May 17, 2010 (rewrite)

A. Definitions.

A-1. Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) is insurance that provides a $100,000 limit for university employees who die in travel-related accidents (domestic or overseas). Lower limits are available for travel-accident dismemberments. Coverage is automatic for university employees and does not require enrollment.

A-2. Acknowledgement of Risk and Waiver of Liability (Waiver) is a legal document that lists the particular dangers for an activity, and states that the individual accepts the risks in exchange for participating in the activity and waives liability against the university. Waivers are prepared by the Office of Risk Management (Risk) in consultation with the Office of General Counsel.

A-3. Commercial General Liability is insurance that provides coverage for claims of bodily injury or property damage to third parties, arising from activities of university employees. Third parties are people or entities other than university employees or the university itself. Coverage is automatic for university employees, and does not require enrollment.

A-4. Foreign Liability is insurance that provides Commercial General Liability coverage for suits brought against the university in a foreign country. The State of Idaho’s program of risk and insurance provides coverage for suits brought within the United States of America. Coverage is automatic for university employees and does not require enrollment.

A-5. Foreign Voluntary Workers Compensation is insurance that provides coverage for workers compensation claims brought by foreign nationals hired overseas by the university.

A-6. Travel Assistance Services is insurance that provides services to travelers and typically includes help in arranging medical services, medical evacuations, and repatriation of remains. This coverage varies widely by provider and each policy must be studied to determine which services are offered by the particular provider. Coverage is not automatic and requires enrollment and payment of premium at least 60 days before departure.

B. Policy.

B-1. Student Travel. In addition to other requirements from their applicable colleges, students shall obtain and purchase Travel Assistance Services coverage and sign a Waiver before participating in student travel at least 60 days before departure. .

Employees who are responsible for planning and or organizing student travel, or advising students about independent study that includes overseas travel, shall carefully review their responsibilities and seek appropriate advice and guidance in the planning stages from Risk and the International Programs Office (IPO).

B-2. Employee Travel. In addition to planning their travel schedules and program activities, employees of the university who plan to travel overseas should consult with Risk and IPO to carefully consider other aspects of travel, including but not limited to health and security conditions in the countries to be visited. Travelers are responsible for making adequate plans for emergency assistance overseas. The university participates in the Risk and Insurance Program of the State of Idaho, which includes automatic coverage for employees for Foreign Liability, which includes Commercial General Liability, Foreign Voluntary Workers Compensation, and limited Travel Assistance Services. Supplemental Travel Assistance Services coverage would need to be purchased at least 60 days in advance of departure..

B-3. Permanent overseas operations. Employees planning operations, research or activities overseas, lasting six or more months, must consult Risk regarding foreign coverage.

C. Process/Procedure.

C-1. Student Travel. Employees leading or responsible for student(s) or student groups on overseas trips must collect overseas travel Waivers from the students prior to departure. These Waivers are arranged only through Risk (see D below) and must not be altered in any way. Employees also should consult with IPO for issues related to student travel to or from the university.

Students must obtain Travelers Assistance Services coverage that covers all costs of repatriation. Proof of coverage, including contact information of company and policy number should be with the traveler at all times and a copy must be provided to university staff. Risk has Travel Assistance Services coverage available for students to purchase. Students must provide details about themselves, the trip, and pay in advance to participate in this coverage.

Employees who are responsible for planning and or organizing student travel or advising students about independent study that includes overseas travel must schedule a planning meeting with Risk. From this planning meeting, Risk will develop a Waiver and obtain General Counsel’s approval. Once it is appropriately reviewed and accepted, the Waiver will be sent to the employee to obtain signatures from all students who are traveling prior to departure. Students who refuse to sign a waiver may not travel through the University program. The completed waiver should be kept on file for one year from the last date of activity at the unit level with the traveler’s other documents.

C-2. Employee Travel. University employees traveling overseas for University business will need to contact Risk for travel assistance services at least 60 days in advance of their departure date to receive coverage contact information, policy number, and service details. Coverage is automatic for employees.

If after review of the state provided travel assistance services, the employee determines that additional coverage, benefits, or services are needed, they will be responsible for researching, enrolling, and paying the additional coverage.

C-3. International Business Insurance. (also see B-3 above). While Foreign Liability and Foreign Voluntary Workers Compensation is automatic for university employees, other types of coverage and related issues may be involved and must be researched by Risk. For example, some countries have compulsory business insurance and Idaho Workers Compensation is affected by the length of stay overseas. For any university operation, research or activity that last six or more months, consult Risk for assessment and advice. Risk will need to know a roster of employees living overseas, their payroll and activities, whether or not foreign nationals will be hired, a detailed description of planned operation and/or itineraries, location descriptions, and values of buildings and business personal property. Additional questions from underwriters may be asked.

C-4. Annual Foreign Travel Report for Foreign Liability Coverage. For underwriting and premium calculation purposes, university deans are asked to provide an annual Foreign Travel Report to Risk regarding overseas activities and travel by employees. For specific instructions see link in Section E.

D. Contact Information. Problems or questions concerning the requirements for foreign travel and medical evacuation assistance can be addressed to Risk: (208) 885-7177, Risk Email, or faxed to (208) 885-9490.

E. Forms and Examples. Annual foreign travel report, overseas travel waivers, and other forms including instructions and examples can be viewed at Risk Management: Foreign Travel.