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Administrative Procedures Manual

The Administrative Procedures Manual (APM) is a manual that contains policies and procedures dealing mostly with the finance and administrative side of the university. This web version is the official copy of the APM (in the event of any discrepancy between this online version and the official files kept in the Faculty Secretary's Office, the official file, which tracks all initiated and discussed policy changes from beginning to end, is authoritative). Any other printed material should be properly disposed of in order to reduce the reliance on an outdated print version.

The format was converted from the original PDF format to a browser based format effective August 25, 2005.  Any date after August 25, 2005 indicates new additions or changes to the manual.

To update any document within the APM please follow the process outlined in FSH 1460 and at the University Policy website.

If while browsing the APM you discover an error or broken link please forward the information to

Policy Change Process

Updates, additions and deletions to the Administrative Procedures Manual must follow the guidelines outlined in the UI Policy Development Statement (FSH 1460) and the University Policies website here.  Policies in the change process will be documented on the University Policies website and can be tracked through each approval stage here.