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Boise WWAMI office

Mary Barinaga, M.D.
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Idaho WWAMI Medical Education Program
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TRUST Program


The TRUST program trains University of Washington medical students for careers working in rural and other underserved areas to address Idaho’s physician workforce challenges. TRUST provides a continuous connection between underserved communities, medical education, and health professionals in Idaho. The goal is to create a full-circle pipeline by guiding qualified students with an interest in rural/underserved practice (TRUST Scholars) through a special four-year curriculum that links a student to an underserved community. TRUST scholars also have opportunities for linkages to the WWAMI network of residency programs that have an underserved training focus.

Key Components:
  • Targeted separate admissions process links student with rural/underserved background or special interest in rural/underserved practice an underserved community for four years of medical school
  • UW courses and programs that are focused on rural/underserved care are incorporated into the curriculum
  • Key clinical programs occur in continuity community (student returns back to the same community to do several clinical experiences)
  • TRUST links Scholars with WWAMI residency programs that have an underserved training focus.
  •  Links with communities to identify and promote their needs and resources for health workforce training.

Trust Continuum photo