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First-Time Info Sessions

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Education Abroad Info Session Sign-Up

Date  Day Time Presentation:
 Jan. 12  Friday  12:30
 First Time Info Session
 Jan. 16  Tuesday  2:00
 First Time Info Session
 Jan. 19  Friday  12:30
 ISA: Cost-effective programs
 Jan. 22  Monday  3:30
 NEW FUNDED Program in Spain
 Jan. 26  Frday  12:30
 National Scholarships for Study Abroad
 Jan. 29  Monday  3:30
 Nation Student Exchange (US & Canada)
 Jan. 30  Tuesday  2:00
 First Time Info Session

Date  Day Time Presentation:
 Feb. 2  Friday  12:30
 Study Abroad in Ghana & Togo
 Feb. 5  Monday  3:30
 Study Abroad in France & French Speaking Canada
 Feb. 6  Tuesday  2:00
 Summer Study Abroad Programs
 Feb. 9  Friday  12:30
 First Time Info Session
 Feb. 12  Monday  3:30
 Gilman National Study Abroad Scholarship
 Feb. 13  Tuesday  2:00
 Internships, Research and Volunteerism Abroad
 Feb. 16  Friday  12:30
 First Time Info Session
 Feb. 20  Tuesday  2:00
 First Time Info Session
 Feb. 23  Friday  12:30
 Scholarships & Financial Aid for study abroad!
 Feb. 26  Monday  3:30
 First Time Info Session
 Feb. 27  Tuesday  3:30
 Study Abroad in Germany/Austria/

Date  Day Time Presentation:
 Mar. 2  Friday  12:30
 Study Abroad in the Czech Republic & Poland (New Site!)
 Mar. 5  Monday  2:00
 Study abroad in Japan & South Korea
 Mar. 6  Tuesday  12:30
 Study Abroad in Europe
 Mar. 9  Friday  3:30
 First Time Info Session
 Mar. 19  Monday  12:30
 First Time Info Session
 Mar. 20  Tuesday  3:30
 Study Abroad Down Under: Australia, NZ and Fiji
 Mar. 23  Friday  2:00
 Study Abroad in China
 Mar. 26  Monday  12:30
 Study Abroad in Thailand & India
 Mar. 27  Tuesday  3:30
 First Time Info Session
 Mar. 30  Friday  2:00
 Study abroad in Costa Rica

Date  Day Time Presentation:
 Apr. 2  Monday  3:30
 Study Abroad in the UK
 Apr. 3  Tuesday  2:00
 Keeping study abroad costs low
 Apr. 6  Friday  12:30
 First Time Info Session
 Apr. 9  Monday  3:30
 Study Abroad in Spain
 Apr. 10  Tuesday  2:00
 First Time Info Session
 Apr. 13  Friday  12:30
 Study Abroad Off the Beaten Trail: Brazil & Uruguay
 Apr. 16  Monday  3:30
 First Time Info Session
 Apr. 17  Tuesday  2:00
 Study Abroad in Italy
 Apr. 20  Friday  12:30
 First Time Info Session
 Apr. 24  Tuesday  2:00
 First Time Info Session

Study Abroad

Physical Address:
901 Paradise Creek Street
LLC #3, Ground Floor

Mailing Address:
875 Perimeter Drive MS 1250
Moscow, ID 83844-1250

Phone: (208) 885-7870

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