Contact Information

Kibbie Dome

Physical Address
1000 Stadium Drive
Moscow, ID 83844-2281

(208) 885-6394

Assistant Manager
Kelly McGahan
(208) 885-5000

Joe Hunt
(208) 885-9262



To serve alcoholic beverages (beer/wine only) in the premium seating areas of the Kibbie Dome, you must complete, submit and receive approval using the University of Idaho Alcohol Permit Application and required attachments. Please note your application and documents must be submitted 30 days prior to the scheduled event. Alcohol is not permitted in any other areas of the Kibbie Dome.

No Smoking

The Kibbie Dome is a non-smoking facility.  There are designated smoking areas 25' away from the facility entrances.

Bag Check

A bag check station will be used at Kibbie Dome events. Additional security may be implemented for events such as sporting events, political speakers, commencement ceremonies, large concerts, etc.  Please plan to have your bags checked at the entrance.

Damage or Loss

Any damages or losses resulting from an event (by participants, performers, customers, attendees or spectators) will be assessed to the sponsoring organization on the basis of actual cost of repair and/or replacement as determined by the Director or his designee.

Insurance or Indemnity Bond

The event sponsor must file an insurance policy or indemnity bond, acceptable to the University, with the Kibbie Dome Director 14 days prior to the event. Insurance or indemnity bond amounts will be subject to Kibbie Dome contract amounts.

Dome Floor

No vehicles shall be allowed on the Dome floor without Kibbie Dome Manager Approval. Any personnel  using the Kibbie Dome Floor will be required to use only footwear that will protect the finish of the floor. Management must approve in advance a written petition for the use of canes, swords, sticks, megaphones, or props. Management must also approve the use of any helium balloons, confetti, signs, or paper products.

Floor Covering

If necessary, the arena floor will be covered with a protective covering approved by the Kibbie Dome Director or his designee. Costs will be charged to the event sponsor.

Weight Limitations

Use of the main floor will be subject to load limitations. Weight loads may not exceed 1,000 pounds per square foot, concentrated load.