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University of Idaho Foundation

Designation Reports

  • Designation and Description : This is the gift designation from the Alumni/Development Banner Module (AE, BE, MF, NF, etc.). It includes the name of the Designation
    • Foundation Type and Fund: This includes the “Type Code” for the designation (e.g. ENDOW, GKIND, SCHOL, RESTR, etc.) and the University of Idaho Foundation, Inc. Fund associated with each designation
    • University of Idaho Budget and Description includes the University of Idaho Account associated with a given designation
      • Gift Designations : The University of Idaho Budget number (typically a N Gift Account) that the gifts are transferred on a monthly basis as cash deficits are incurred, as well as budgeted monthly
      • Scholarship Designations: Scholarship Designations : The Banner Fund Number of the scholarships associated with the designation, including the Student Financial Aid Fund Code (alphabetical scholarship code), Budget Number for the Scholarship, and the Scholarship Name. Most scholarship designations have multiple scholarships associated with the designation
      • Endowment Designations: Typically the information is the general budget area that the endowment is linked to. The endowment information is included in the CIT Distribution Report, which is produced by the Gift Administration once per fiscal year. It has all the information regarding the distribution accounts for the CIT endowments
      • Gift-In-Kind Designations: The Gift-In-Kind designations have no University of Idaho budget information because gift in kind donations are not includable as actual money transferred because it is goods that transfer
  • These designation reports will be updated from time to time. By having access to the ADADESG form in Banner, the real-time information regarding any new designations will be readily accessible
  • Any questions on these designation reports can be sent to Gift Administration
  • Below is a list of designation reports (MS Excel Format) as of June 15, 2009. These reports will be updated quarterly (approximately).
  • The percentage for your area is noted, e.g. "50% Split Designation"
  • The Designation Reports are itemized by the four pillars for The Campaign for Idaho: Silver and Bold: (1) Programs, (2) Faculty-Staff Support, (3) Students and (4) Facilities
  • Questions on Pillar Assignment for Designations should be referred Chris Lucier, Senior Director of Advancement at (208)301-1264 or