Betsy Thomas Gender Equity Scholarship

Betsy Thomas served as Director of the UI Women’s Center from 1985 until 1997. Through Betsy’s leadership, the Women’s Center was able to fight for and support permanent staff positions, and opportunities for student workers, volunteers, and interns. As many other university women’s centers around the country were closing or struggling to fund one part-time staff member, Betsy was working to grow the Women’s Center and make it a strong and vital program on the UI campus. After her passing in 2007, the Gender Equity Scholarship was renamed the Betsy Thomas Gender Equity Scholarship to honor the legacy of her remarkable service to the University of Idaho community.

Nominees must be enrolled at the University of Idaho for the academic year 2012-2013. Criteria for the selection of a nominee to receive the Betsy Thomas Gender Equity Scholarship Award include, but are not limited to: exceptional motivation, innovation, involvement, and commitment to advancing gender equity issues through their academic studies, and/or via volunteerism and community service, without regard for personal gain, while exhibiting a deep and personal commitment to the causes, concerns, events, and needs at hand. This award is presented in the hope that the recipient's or recipients’ exceptional service may inspire and motivate others to become involved in gender advocacy work.

Award guidelines:
The number of scholarships available and the monetary amount awarded may vary each year, as scholarships will be determined by the annual income generated. A minimum of $500 per student will be awarded each year.

Application procedure:
Submit a formal nomination letter (limit two pages) addressing the following (please do not include high school information):

  • Academic performance and a dedicated pursuit of learning in the area of gender equity;
  • Participation in on-campus and off-campus social justice activities;
  • Applicable and related work experience while attending college;
  • Other exceptional qualifications or service in gender advocacy.

Students who are self-nominating: please submit a letter of recommendation from a UI faculty or staff member.

Selection Committee:
Women’s Center Director
Women’s Center Program Coordinator
Women’s Center Advancement Board Member
Student representative selected by the Women’s Center

For more information about this scholarship, please email: