Carol Marlowe

While working at Hewlett-Packard in Boise, Carol Marlowe became affiliated with the University of Idaho in 1996 when she began speaking at the Integrated Business Curriculum at the College of Business and Economics.  She became the first chair of the COBE Curriculum Advisory Board and served on that board for about 5 years.  Following her retirement from HP in 2005, Carol moved on campus for a semester to teach BUS 490, Strategic Management.  During that time, Carol lived in the Faculty in Residence Program in the LLC living center.  Following that semester, Carol taught marketing and finance in on-line courses for three years as well as the change management course for the EMBA in Coeur d’Alene.  In October of 2010, Carol came on board full-time as the Director of Program Planning at the University of Idaho Boise.  Her duties preclude more instruction, but she does represent the University of Idaho at a joint program with the University of Montana, teaching change management perspectives to the US Forestry leadership program.

Carol’s working career includes 20 years at Hewlett-Packard as a financial analyst, supply chain manager, worldwide product manager, and R&D program manager.  Prior to that, Carol taught English as a Second Language, Migrant Aid, and remedial reading on the Texas boarder and was an Air Force Officer, both active duty and reserves. 

Carol’s undergrad degree in English was from another U of I:  the University of Illinois in Champagne, Illinois.  Her MBA, with focus on finance and supply chain, is from Arizona State University.

Since her father was a career Air Force Officer, Carol proudly claims the title of “Air Force Brat,” a position that helped her learn change management skills at an early age! Carol has lived in a number of different cultures:  Japan, Germany, East and West Coasts, the Deep South, and Texas.