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The Lab Report

The College of Science has many unique and interesting opportunities for undergraduates to perform research. In order to showcase some examples of this, the college has created a video series featuring undergraduate research called The Lab Report. For each Lab Report, an undergraduate student uses a GoPro to film and present their research from their point of view. Check out some of their amazing work below!

The Lab Report Jacob Kennedy

Majoring in microbiology with a passion for organic chemistry.

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Lab Report Chinook Conservation

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The Lab Report: Renaissance Student

From Music to Education to Geophysics: Science’s Renaissance Student

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The Lab Report: "Killer Yeast"

Senior molecular biology major Lance Fredericks takes common Brewer's yeast and turns it into an anti-fungal agent that can be used to fight drug-resistant infections.

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The Lab Report: Use Chemistry to Reform the Legal System

Senior chemistry major Lilian Bodley is preparing for a career in forensics. Find out why her work in this field is so important and how she intends to use her knowledge to reform both the legal system and societies' perceptions of forensic work.

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The Lab Report From Kangaroo Rats to Robotics

Studying how Kangaroo Rats move can lead to innovations in robotics and prosthetics development

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The Lab Report Polymorphic Games

Colleges Work Together to Save the Human Race

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Outstanding Senior

Physics major Sam Myers is using techniques developed in the University of Idaho Barnes Lab to research the origin of exoplanets.

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