Graduate Certificate of Completion in Enterprise-wide Process & Performance Excellence

The Department of Statistical Science in collaboration with the Colleges of Science, Business, and Engineering offer this interdisciplinary certificate.

Enterprise-wide Process and Performance Excellence relies on exemplary process management, the design, implementation, management and control, and continuous improvement of processes. Many tools, bodies of knowledge, and methodologies are used in effective process management and most are explored and used to gain this certificate, but the concentration of this certificate is on the analysis of processes using statistical, simulation, and mathematical applications. This certificate program is highly integrative and will include hands on process improvement projects.


  • Students admitted to the Graduate School at the University of Idaho must submit the Academic Certificate Declaration on page 2 of the Change of Curriculum form to the certificate coordinator for department chair approval.
  • To apply for the program as a stand-alone certificate please apply online through Graduate Admissions.  You will be required to submit transcripts showing a minimum of a 3.0 gpa for your undergraduate degree.
  • Students must contact the certificate coordinator to discuss background qualifications prior to starting the certificate.
  • Sufficient background in statistics as determined by the certificate coordinator, including successful completion of Stat 431 Statistical Analysis

Required Coursework:

  • Bus 439  Systems and Simulation (4 cr)
  • Bus 456  Quality Management (3 cr)  or
  • Stat 456  Quality Management (3 cr)
  • Stat 431   Statistical Analysis(3 cr)
  • Stat 507   Experimental Design (3 cr)
  • Stat 519 Multivariate Analysis (3)

Note: Credits to total 16 for this Academic Certificate

Certificate Coordinator

Sarah Morra - Stat Department Manager

For more information please email

Students interested in employment in statistics per se should consider studying for an M.S. degree in Statistics.