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Vandal Science News - October 2018

Dean's Message

The College of Science is really hitting stride! We've had a wonderful streak of successes in funding for grants submitted by our researchers. We reached a total of nearly $18 million in new awards for fiscal year 2018 the best year ever for the college. This success in a very competitive national funding environment is another confirmation of the talent and work ethic of our excellent faculty members.

Of course, when it comes to the quality of our College of Science faculty, research is only one piece of the picture. Our faculty members are not just accomplished scientists – they are also devoted mentors and teachers. We’re very proud of the effort we spend in preparing the next generations of scientists here at Idaho. Later in the month (on Thursday, October 18) we will host our 14th annual Student Research Exposition on campus. At that expo, some of our best researchers, both undergraduate and graduate students, will show off the work they are doing under the guidance of our faculty. It’s a very meaningful event for our college, and I hope some of you might be able to drop by to see it in person.

Regardless of where this issue of the Vandal Science News finds you, I hope that you’ll enjoy reading about some of the great things going on here in Moscow. As always, thank you for your support of the College of Science.

– Dean Ginger E. Carney

It has been a banner year for researchers in the University of Idaho’s College of Science.

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Student Research Expo

Thursday, Oct. 18, 2018 | 2:30 – 4:30 P.M.

At University of Idaho, both graduate and undergraduate students have the opportunity to explore the weird, wild and profoundly challenging frontiers of science.

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Vandal Science News Puzzler

With each issue of the Vandal Science News we'll include a challenging puzzle. Send solutions by email to – we'll post the names of those who submit correct solutions in the next issue.

Puzzler for October 2018

Somewhere on a distant planet in the galaxy (perhaps one of the ones studied by U of I Physics Professor Matt Hedman) lives an advanced alien race. They, like us, have developed numbers using a “place value” system. But their numbers are not in base 10 – probably because they don’t have 10 fingers (or whatever they have that pass for fingers). In their numbers, 1001 is equal to 51 times 11. How many “fingers” do they have?


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