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Geological Sciences
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The following research grants are currently held by faculty members in the department.

Principal Investigator Source Year Project Name
Jerry P. Fairley GDL Foundation 2013-2014 Determining Fault Tip Translation Rates by Dating Hydrothermal Sinters with Radiocarbon and Diagenesis Techniques
Jerry P. Fairley USDOE/LDRD 2012-2015 Development of Fractured Reservoir Cooling Software for the Geothermal Industry
Jerry P. Fairley NSF/EAR 2013-2015 Collaborative Research: Constraining Heat Flux from the Shallow Geothermal System, Yellowstone Caldera, Wyoming
Dennis J. Geist NSF 2012-2016 Accomplishment-based Research: Interdisciplinary Studies of the Galapagos Earth System
Simon A. Kattenhorn NASA 2011-2013 Fault System Evolution on Mars and Insights from Terrestrial Analogs
Simon A. Kattenhorn NASA 2012-2015 Surface Features and Tectonic Histories on Enceladus and Dione: A Comparative Analysis
Simon A. Kattenhorn NSF 2011-2014 Collaborative Research: Testing the Role of Magma and Related Fluids in Early-Stage Rifting, East Africa
Simon A. Kattenhorn NASA 2012-2015 An Integrated Study of the Evolution of Cerberus Fossaw, Mars: Fracture Mechanics, Volcanology, and Megafloods
Simon A. Kattenhorn NASA-OPR 2010-2013 Global Patterns of Tectonism on Titan (co-PI).
Jim Osiensky PBAC 2009-2013 Groundwater Tritium Study
Jim Osiensky PBAC 2009-2013 Grande Ronde Aquifer Study
Brian Yanites NSF 2013-2015 Linking erosional and climatic processes in regions of active mountain building
Brian Yanites UI ORED Seed Grant 2013-2014 Quantifying landscape evolution along the Salmon River, central Idaho