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Chao Fan

Chao Fan

Assistant Professor


McClure Hall 303D



Mailing Address

Department of Geography
University of Idaho
875 Perimeter Drive, MS 3021
Moscow, ID 83844-3021

Research: Geographic information science, remote sensing, spatial analysis and modeling, urban heat island mitigation, vegetation modeling, land cover land use change, agriculture management

  • Ph.D., Geography, Arizona State University, 2016
  • M.A., Geography, Arizona State University,  2013
  • B.E., GIS and Remote Sensing, Wuhan University, 2010

Chao Fan’s research interest is geographical information science with a focus on spatial analysis and modeling, spatial econometrics, and remote sensing. Her research focuses on the development and application of spatial analytical tools and quantitative methods. Her substantive interests include urban heat island, agriculture mapping, forest composition modeling, and land cover land use change.

Fan, C., S.W. Myint, S. Kaplan, A. Middel, B. Zheng, A. Rahman, H.-P. Huang, A.J. Brazel, & D.G. Blumberg. 2017. “Understanding the impact of urbanization on surface urban heat islands—A longitudinal analysis of the oasis effect in subtropical desert cities”. Remote Sensing, 9, 672.

Fan, C., S.W. Myint, S.J. Rey, & W. Li. 2017. “Time series evaluation of landscape dynamics using annual Landsat imagery and spatial statistical modeling: Evidence from the Phoenix metropolitan region”. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation, 58, 12-25.

Fan, C., S.J. Rey, & S.W. Myint. 2016. “Spatially filtered ridge regression (SFRR): A regression framework to understanding impacts of land cover patterns on urban climate”. Transactions in GIS. doi: 10.1111/tgis.12240

Wang, Z.-H., C. Fan, S.W. Myint, & C. Wang. 2016. “Size matters: What are the characteristic source areas for urban planning strategies?” PLoS ONE, 11(11): e0165726. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0165726

Fan, C., W. Li, L.J. Wolf, & S.W. Myint. 2015. “A spatiotemporal compactness pattern analysis of congressional districts to assess partisan gerrymandering: A case study with California and North Carolina”. Annuals of the Association of American Geographers, 105(4), 736-753.

Fan, C., S.W. Myint, & B. Zheng. 2015. “Measuring spatial arrangement of urban vegetation and its impacts on seasonal surface temperatures”. Progress in Physical Geography, 39(2), 199-219.

Zhao, Q., S.W. Myint, E.A. Wentz, & C. Fan. 2015. “Rooftop surface temperature analysis in urban residential environment”. Remote Sensing, 7(9), 12135-12159.

Myint, S.W., B. Zheng, E. Talen, C. Fan, S. Kaplan, A. Middel, M. Smith, H. Huang, & A.J. Brazel. 2015. “Does the spatial arrangement of urban landscape matter? Examples of urban warming and cooling in Phoenix and Las Vegas”. Ecosystem Health and Sustainability, 1(4): art15.

Fan, C. & S.W. Myint. 2014. “A comparison of spatial autocorrelation indices and landscape metrics in measuring urban landscape fragmentation”. Landscape and Urban Planning, 121, 117-128.

Fan, C., B. Zheng, S.W. Myint, & R. Aggarwal. 2014. “Characterizing changes in cropping patterns using sequential Landsat imagery: An adaptive threshold approach and application to Phoenix, Arizona”. International Journal of Remote Sensing, 35(20), 7263-7278.

Li, W., T. Chen, E.A. Wentz, & C. Fan. 2014. “NMMI: A mass compactness measure for spatial pattern analysis of areal features”. Annuals of the Association of American Geographers, 104(6), 1116-1133.

Zheng, B., S.W. Myint, & C. Fan. 2014. “Spatial configuration of anthropogenic land cover impacts on urban warming”. Landscape and Urban Planning, 130, 104-111.

Kaplan, S., S.W. Myint, C. Fan, & A.J. Brazel. 2014. “Quantifying outdoor water consumption of urban land use/land cover: Sensitivity to drought”. Environmental Management, 53, 855-864.

  • Completion Fellowship Award, Arizona State University, 2016
  • Anthony J. Brazel Research Award, Arizona State University, 2014
  • Finalist, RSSG Honors Paper Competition, AAG, 2014
  • Travel Award, Arizona State University, 2012
  • Graduate JumpStart Research Award, Arizona State University, 2012


Physical Address:
McClure Hall 201

Mailing Address:
875 Perimeter Drive, MS 3021
Moscow, ID 83844-3021

Phone: 208-885-6216


Web: Department of Geography