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Vladimir Aizen

Vladimir Aizen

Emeritus Professor

Mailing Address

Department of Geography
University of Idaho
875 Perimeter Drive, MS 3021
Moscow, ID 83844-3021

Research: Alpine Glaciology, Alpine Hydrology, Alpine Climatology

  • 2001 - present. Research Professor. Geography Department, College of Science, University of Idaho, Moscow, ID, USA
  • 2009                Visiting Professor. Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, Kyoto, Japan
  • 1994-2001        Associate Researcher. Institute for Computational Earth System Sciences and Donald Bren School of Environmental Science & Management, Department of Geography, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
  • 1997                Visiting Researcher. Niigata and Morioka Universities, Japan
  • 1993                Visiting Researcher. Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge, UK
  • 1982-1993        Senior Scientist. Department of Glaciology, Institute of Geography, USSR Academy of Sciences, Moscow, USSR
  • 1972-1982        Researcher and Head. Ala Archa Glaciological Station, Republic of Kyrgyzstan

Leader and associate of 46 expeditions in Asia, North and South America, in Tien Shan, Pamir, Tibet, Himalayas, Altai, Caucasus, Siberian Arctic, Rocky Mountains and Andes.

Total over 200 publications in peer reviewed journals and books, technical reports and published presentations in English, Russian and Chinese

  • Zhou, H., V. Aizen, E., Aizen, 2017. Constructing a long-term monthly climate dataset in central Asia J. Global and Planetary Change. doi: 10.1002/joc.5259
  • Grigholm, B., P. Mayewski, V. Aizen, K.Kreuz, E.Aizen, S.Kang, K. Maasch, S. Sneed. 2017. A Twentieth Century Major Soluble Ion Record of Dust and Anthropogenic Pollutants from Inilchek Glacier, Tien Shan: Major Soluble Ion Record From Inilchek. Journal of         Geophysical Research Atmosphere, doi: 10.1002/2016JD025407
  • Hang, Z., E. Aizen, V. Aizen. 2016. Seasonal snow cover regime and historical change in Central Asia from 1986 to 2008. J. Global Planetary Changes, V 148, doi:10.1016/j.gloplacha.2016.11.011 
  • Aizen, E., V. Aizen, N. Takeuchi, P. Mayewski,  B. Grigholm, D. Joswiak,  S. Nikitin, K. Fujita,  M. Nakawo, A. Zapf, M. Scwikowski. 2016. Abrupt and moderate climate changes at high-mid latitudes of  Asia during the Holocene. Journal of Glaciology, doi:10.1017/jog.2016.34.
  • Grigholm, B., P. Mayewski, S. Kang, V. Aizen, Y. Zhang, U. Morgenstern, M. Scwikowski, Kaspari, N.Takeuchi, Maasch, K., Dixon, D., Birkel, S., Handley, M. and Sneed, S. 2016. 20th century weakening of the westerly winds over the Tibetan Plateau. Atmospheric Environment, Vol. 131, Pages 17–28. doi:10.1016/j.atmosenv.2016.01.030
  • Aizen, Vladimir, Elena Aizen. 2014. The Central Asia climate and water resources variability. Proceedings: International Symposium “Remote sensing and land-surface investigations in Central Asia” Bishkek, KYRGYZSTAN. 
  • Nozomu Takeuchi, Koji Fujita, Vladimir Aizen, Chiyuki Narama, Yusuke Yokoyama, Sachiko Okamoto, Kazuhiro Naoki, Jumpei Kubota. 2014. The disappearance of glaciers in the Tien Shan Mountains in Central Asia at the end of Pleistocene. J. Quaternary Science Reviews, Volume 103, 1 November 2014, Pages 26–33.
  • Aizen, V.  2014. IPCC Report, WGII, AR5, Chapter 24, Asia: Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability Cambridge University Press UK, and NY, USA.
  • Lambrecht, A., C. Mayer, V. Aizen, D. Floricioiu, A. Surazakov. From 2014. The Fedchenko glacier in the Pamir during eight decades. Journal of Glaciology, Vol. 60, No. 220, 2014 doi: 10.3189/2014JoG13J110 
  • Zhou, Hang, Elena Aizen, Vladimir Aizen. 2013. Historical Snow Cover Variability Data Reconstructed from AVHRR and MODIS over High Asia. Elsevier: J. Remote Sensing of Environment, V. 136, pp.146-162, doi:101016/j.rse.2013.04.015
  • Aizen, V.B. 2011. Tien Shan, Altai, Pamir Glaciers and High Elevation Glacioclimatology. Encyclopedia of Snow, Ice and Glaciers. Ed: V.P.Sigh, Springer Publisher, p.1253.
  • Surazakov, A.B., V. B. Aizen, 2010. Positional accuracy evaluation of declassified Hexagon KH-9 mapping camera imagery. Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing, Vol.76, N 5, pp.603-608. 
  • Aizen, V.B., P.A. Mayewski, E.M Aizen, D.R. Joswiak, S. Kaspari, S. Sneed, A.B. Surazakov, B. Grigholm, A. Finaev. 2009. Stable-Isotope and Chemical Time Series from Fedchenko Glacier Firn Core (Pamir).J. of Glaciology, V.55/190 pp.275-291.
  • Aizen, V.B., E.M. Aizen, V. A. Kuzmichenok. 2007. Glaciers and Hydrological Changes in the Tien Shan: Simulation and Prediction, Environmental Research Letters,
  • Aizen, V.B., E.M. Aizen, D. R. Joswiak, K. Fujita, N. Takeuchi, S.A. Nikitin. 2006. Climatic and atmospheric circulation pattern variability from ice-core isotope/geochemistry records (Altai, Tien Shan and Tibet), Annals of Glaciology, V.43, pp.49-60.
  • Aizen, V.B., E.M. Aizen, A.B. Surazakov, V.A. Kuzmichenok. 2006. Assessment of Glacial Area and Volume Change in Tien Shan (Central Asia) During the Last 150 years Using Geodetic, Aerial Photo, ASTER and SRTM Data. Annals of Glaciology, V.43, pp.202-213. 
  • Aizen, V.B., E.M. Aizen, V.A. Kuzmichenok, A.B. Surazakov. 2006. Glacier changes in the Tien Shan as determined from topographic and remotely sensed data. First NEESPI Special Issue in , J. Global and Planetary Changes, V56, № 3-4, pp. 328-340.
  • Aizen, V.B., E.M. Aizen, V.A. Kuzmichenok. 2006. Simulation and stochastic forecasting of water cycle components in Central Asian alpine basins. First NEESPI Special Issue in J. Global and Planetary Changes V56, № 3-4, pp. 341-358.
  • Aizen, V.B., E.M. Aizen, K. Fujita, S. Nikitin, K. Kreutz, N. Takeuchi. 2005. Stable-isotope time series and precipitation origin from firn cores and snow samples, Altai glaciers, Siberia. Journal of Glaciology, V.51, No. 175, pp. 637-654. 
  • Aizen, V.B., E.M. Aizen, J.M Melack, K.J. Kreutz, L.D. Cecil. 2004. Association between Atmospheric Circulation Patterns and Firn-ice Core Records from the Inilchek Glacierized Area, Central Tien Shan, Asia. Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres, Vol. 109, No. D8, D08304.
  • Aizen, V.B., E.M. Aizen, K. Fujita,  K.J. Kreutz  L.D. Cecil,  S. A. Nikitin. 2004. Approaches to Ice Core Climatic Reconstruction in Central Asia (Tien Shan and Siberian Altai). In Book: Earth Paleoenvironments: Records Preserved in Mid-and Low-Latitude Glaciers. Developments in Paleoenvironmental Research, Volume 9, -248 pp. 
  • Aizen, V.B., E. M. Aizen , G. E. Glazirin,  and H. A. Loaiciga. 2000. Simulation of daily runoff in Central Asian alpine watersheds.  J. Hydrology. No. 186, 229-251.

  • 27 research award granted by NSF, NASA, DOE, National Geographic, IGCP UNESCO and JSPS Japan
  • Honour Diploma from East Siberian Hydro-meteorological Organization, USSR
  • A Master of Sport of the USSR in Alpine Climbing
  • The "Snow leopard" Prizewinner for climbing all peaks over 7000 m in USSR
  •  A Champion and Prizewinner of USSR in Alpine Climbing


Physical Address:
McClure Hall 201

Mailing Address:
875 Perimeter Drive, MS 3021
Moscow, ID 83844-3021

Phone: 208-885-6216


Web: Department of Geography