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Name Year Degree
Advisor Current Employer
(if known)
Dissertation/Thesis Title or Topic
Kevin Henry
2015 M.S.
Tim Frazier
U.S. Geological Survey
Development of a Comprehensive Network-based Hazard Evacuation Model: a Case Study of Balboa Island, California
Laura Courtox 2015
Ray Dezzani
Potential Farm Planning Strategies for the Prevention of Modern Famines in Malawi Using Game Theory and Linear Programming Methods
Collette Gantenbein
Karen Humes
Ensheng Dong
2015 M.S. Karen Humes
Nichole Pumell 2015 M.S. Karen Humes
Jenna Putnam 2015 M.S. Karen Humes
Pamela Young 2015 M.S. Karen Humes
Tyler Bleeker
2015 M.S. Crystal Kolden
Australia Sustainability of Historical Wildfire Refugia in Contemporary Fire Events
Paige Farrell
2015 M.S. John Abatzoglou

Sensitivity of soil loss to climate change in the Inland Northwest USA

Lisa Nichols
2015 M.S. Tim Frazier
John Parker-McGlynn 2015 M.S. Tim Frazier
Joseph Reber 2015 M.S. Tim Frazier
Samuel Ngdeah 2015 Ph.D. Ray Dezzani
Brendan Gordon 2014 M.S. Ray Dezzani PhD student at U Idaho Spatial Shifting of Per-Capita GDP Levels in the European Union
Abigail Lute 2014 M.S. John Abatzoglou NRCS Boise Extreme Snowfall Events in the Western United States: Variability, Change, and Implications for Water Resource Management
Patrick Olsen 2014 M.S. Crystal Kolden Instructor at U Idaho Developing Marine Habitat Suitability Models In The Arctic From Remotely-Sensed Data and Traditional Ecological Knowledge
Katie Morrison 2014 M.S. Crystal Kolden Spatial Analyst, Oregon Department of Forestry Development of multi-year land cover data to assess wildfire impacts to coastal watersheds and the nearshore environment
Vincent Jansen 2014 M.S. Crystal Kolden PhD student at U Idaho

Revealing livestock effects on bunchgrass vegetation with Landsat ETM+ imagery across a growing season

Andrea Villarroel 2014 M.S. Karen Humes
Patrick Fitzsimmons 2014 M.S. Harley Johansen
Joy Campbell 2013 M.S. Tim Frazier Curriculum Associates Societal Resilience to Flooding: A case study of Seattle, WA
Kenneth Peters 2013 M.S. Ray Dezzani Microsoft  Geographically Weighted Regression to characterize radioisotope transitions in heterogeneous environments 
Christopher Cox 2013 Ph.D. Von Walden Postdoctoral Fellow at CIRES (U Colorado) Cloud across the Arctic: A spatial perspective uniting surface observations of downwelling infrared radiation, reanalyses and education.
Jeffrey Izo 2013 M.S. Karen Humes
Elizabeth Rau 2013 M.S. Hejun Kang
Courtney Thompson 2012  M.S.  Tim Frazier PhD student at U Idaho 

Development of a probabilistic storm surge and inland precipitation model and a theoretical framework for vulnerability and resilience quantification for coastal communities

Erick Creeden
2012 M.S. Jeffrey Hicke
Biologist and NEPA /GIS Specialist with Nelson Consulting Climate and Weather Associated with Mountain Pine Beetle Outbreaks in Lodgepole Pine Forests Across the Western U.S.
Jacob Wolf 2012 M.S. John Abatzoglou Air quality meteorologist with IDEQ Evaluation of Drought Metrics in Tracking Streamflow in Idaho
Forrest Bowlick 2012 M.S. Crystal Kolden PhD student Texas A&M Changed Perceptions of Geography in University Students: Roles of Demography and Background
Jeremy Jenkins 2012 M.S. John Abatzoglou Liberty Lake Water District Non-Thesis
Marwa Waseem Abdel Wahab Halmy 2012 M.S. Jeffrey Hicke PhD student UI Non-Thesis
Stephen Fricke 2012 M.S. Karen Humes Research Assoc. UI Non-Thesis
Riley Tschida 2012 M.S. Karen Humes
Arjan Meddens 2012 Ph.D. Jeffrey Hicke Post doc at UI Geography Detecting and Mapping Bark Beetle Tree Mortality in the Western United States
Holly Diehl 2011 M.S. John Abatzoglou Observed and Projected Climate and Hydrologic Trends in Eastern Nevada and Western Utah
Steven Peterson 2011 Ph.D. Raymond Dezzani Oak Ridge Nat'l Lab Modeling United States Railcar Flows, 1985 - 2002 Using Bayesian Methods with Markov Random Fields
Benjamin Bright 2011 M.S. Jeffrey Hicke Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station Measuring Aboveground Carbon Stocks of a Forest Affected by a Mountain Pine Beetle Outbreak in Idaho Using Lidar and Multispectral Imagery
Terri Jean Stamper 2011 M.S. Jeffrey Hicke
  Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Changes in Protected Areas across the Southwestern United States
Raechel Anne Bianchetti
2010 M.S. Karen Humes
Assistant Professor, Michigan State University
Classification of Mixed-Conifer Forest Stands using SPOT-5 Imagery
Michelle Howard 2010 M.S. Karen Humes Ph.D. Program, UI An Evaluation of Modis 250m Imagery for Mapping Surface Turbidity in the Puget Sound
Paul Eugenio Reyes Paredes 2010 M.S. Christine Moffitt
  GIS Tools to Assess the Risks and Benefits of Barrier Removal to Native Fish Populations in Idaho
Christina  Brewer 2010 M.S. Hejun Kang
Stephan Joseph Gmur 2010 M.S. Karen Humes
Brian Jay Harshburger 2010 Ph.D. Humes/Walden Founder of Aniuk Consulting, LLC Approaches for Operational Forecasting of Short-to-Medium Range Streamflow for Snowmelt Dominated Basins
Jason Trook 2009 M.S. Jeffrey Hicke Coeur d'Alene Tribe, GIS Analyst Effects of Climate Change on the Distribution of the American Pika (Ochotona princeps) in the Western United States
Jennifer Lynn Rooker 2009 Ph.D. Karen Humes Asst. Prof., Texas State U. Lidar-Based Estimates of Leaf Area Index to Evaluate Coarse-Resolution, Satellite Based-Retrievals
Aimee M. Shipman 2008 Ph.D. Harley Johansen
  The Structure of Susceptibility: A Multi-Scalar Investigation of Linkages Between Economic Development, Social Organization and HIV Susceptibility in Sub-Saharan Africa
Catherine Lyn Weaver 2008 M.S. Gundars Rudzitis Restructuring and Economic Development in a Post-Industrial City:  A Case Study of Butte, Montana
Eileen Marie Perry 2008 Ph.D. Karen Humes
Asst. Dir., WSU Prec. Ag: Postdoc, CSIRO, Australia
Three Studies in Spatial Characterization of Crops Using Remote Sensing and Other Non-Destructive Methods for Precision Agriculture
Daniel R. Joswiak 2008 Ph.D. Vladimir Aizen
  Changes in Atmospheric Chemical Composition Determined from Ice Core Records in Southwestern Siberia During the 20th Century
Arzhan B. Surazakov 2008 Ph.D. Vladimir Aizen
In South America
Application of Remote Sensing and GIS in Glacier Monitoring: Glacier Variability in Central Asia (Tien Shan and Altai) During the Last 30-60 Years
Jonathon Brent Slone 2008 M.S. Ray Dezzani Working in South Carolina Resource Selection Function Modeling of Grizzly Bears Habitat in the Selkirk and Cabinet-Yaak Ecosystems
Meghan Kathaleen Lonneker 2008 M.S. Karen Humes Idaho Dept of Lands, Geospatial Analyst Estimation and Mapping of Canopy Fuel Parameters for Mixed Conifer Forests Using Discrete Return Lidar and Multispectral Satellite Data
Richard C. Lovel 2008 M.S. Karen Humes Non-Thesis
Yelizaveta Skryzhevska 2007 Ph.D. Harley Johansen
Asst. Prof, Miami U of Ohio
Regional Inequalities in Ukraine: Causes, Consequences, and Policy Implications
Brandon Cletus Moore 2006 M.S. Von Walden Ph.D. Program, UI Statistical Downscaling of Medium-Range Weather Forecasts Within Snowmelt Dominated Basins in the Intermountain West
Devonee Harshburger 2006 M.S. Harley Johansen Walgreens, GIS Analyst Efficacy of the Medically Underserved Area (MUA) Program to Determine Health Care Access Risk in Idaho
Joli Ann Hill 2006 M.S. Karen Humes Oregon Dept of Natural Resources Mapping Alternate Host Species for the Apple Maggot in the Yakima Canyon Riparian Zone
Troy R. Blandford 2006 M.S. Karen Humes Montana Dept of Natural Resources Seasonal and Synoptic Variations in Near-Surface Air Temperature Lapse Rates in a Mountainous Basin
Jane Xinxin Zhang 2005 Ph.D. Kang-Tsung Chang Asst. Prof., Massachussetts Effects of DEM Resolutions on the WEPP Runoff and Erosion Predictions:  A Case Study of Forest Areas in Northern Idaho
Denon S. Hildreth 2005 M.S. Karen Humes Pima County, Arizona, GIS Analyst The Analysis and Classification of Remotely Sensed Data to Provide Support for Weed Management on Rangeland in North Central Idaho
Jeffrey Richard Gossard 2005 M.S. Gundars Rudzitis High Technology Firm Location and Socioeconomic Change in King County
W. Lance Roth 2005 M.S. Von Walden Polar Field Services Validation of the Atmospheric Infrared Sounder over the Antarctic Plateau
Yao Tang 2005 M.S. Karen Humes U of North Dakota, Research Analyst Identification and Classification of Forest Tree Species Composition in Mixed Coniferous Forests of Northern Idaho Using SPOT 5 Imagery
Amy Lynn Haak 2005 Ph.D. Gundars Rudzitis Trout Unlimited An Integrated GIS and Political Ecology Approach to Conservation Geography on National Forests in Idaho
Katetegeilwe Moses Rwiza 2005 Ph.D. Harley Johansen Position in Tanzania Analysis of Physical and Social Economic Factors in Maize Production Decision-Making in Tanzania
Daniel R. Joswiak 2005 Ph.D. Vladimir Aizen Postdoc at China; just returned to US Changes in Atmospheric Chemical Composition Determined from Ice Core Records in Southwestern Siberia During the 20th Century