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Chemistry 050 Information

  • Passing Chemistry 050 is one of the ways to get into Chemistry 111.
  • If you are planning to take Chemistry 111 but don't want to take Chemistry 050 then it is recommended that you received a grade of B or better in a high school chemistry course AND you must have received:
    1. a score of 60% or better on the chemistry placement exam, OR
    2. a minimum 560 math SAT or minimum 25 math ACT score, OR
    3. a grade of C or better in Math 143, Math 160, or Math 170, OR
    4. a grade of C or better in Chemistry 101, OR
    5. a score of 49 or above on the COMPASS College Algebra exam.

The chemistry placement exam is designed to test your knowledge of basic chemistry.

Topics covered on the exam are: significant figures, the metric system, dimensional analysis (unit conversion), density, nomenclature of simple inorganic compounds and common acids, percent mass calculations, scientific notation, balancing equations, molar mass (molecular weight), the mole, stoichiometry, molarity, dilutions, basic algebra, and graphing

You should have had most of these topics in your high school chemistry course.

Be sure to bring a bring a non-text entry/non-graphing scientific calculator, #2 pencil and photo ID when you come to take the test.

Chemistry Placement Practice Exam

In order to pass this exam you must answer 15 of the 25 questions correct. More