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Celeste Brown

Dr. Celeste Brown uses bioinformatics to address questions in microbial ecology and molecular evolution.

  • Brown, Celeste J., Amber D. Stancik, Pavitra Roychoudhury, Stephen M. Krone. 2013. Adaptive regulatory substitutions affect multiple stages in the life cycle of the bacteriophage fX174. BMC Evolutionary Biology 13:66.
  • Brown, Celeste J., Jack Millstein, Christopher J. Williams, Holly A. Wichman. 2013. Selection affects genes involved in replication during long-term evolution in experimental populations of the bacteriophage fX174. PLOS One 8: e60401.
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  • Li, Xiaobin, Yafei Wang, Celeste J. Brown, Fei Yao, Yong Jiang, Eva M. Top, Hui Li. 2015. Diversification of broad host range plasmids correlates with the presence of antibiotic resistance genes. FEMS Microbiology Ecology fiv151.
  • Li, Xiaobin, Eva M. Top, Yafei Wang, Celeste J. Brown, Fei Yao, Shan Yang, Yong Jiang, Hui Li. 2015. The broad-host-range plasmid pSFA231 isolated from petroleum-contaminated sediment represents a new member of the PromA plasmid family. Frontiers in Microbiology 5:777.
  • Mendes-Soares, Helena, Vandhana Krishnan, Matthew L. Settles, Jacques Ravel, Celeste J. Brown*, Larry J. Forney. 2015. Fine-scale analysis of 16S rRNA sequences reveals a high level of taxonomic diversity among vaginal Atopobium spp. Pathogens and Disease ftv020
  • Brown, Celeste J., Caleb J. Quates, Christopher A. Mirabzadeh, Craig R. Miller, Holly A. Wichman, Tanya A. Miura, F. Marty Ytreberg. 2016. New perspectives on Ebola virus evolution. PLoS One e0160410.
  • Borgogna, Timothy R. Joanna-Lynn Borgogna, Jenna A. Mielke, Celeste J. Brown, Eva M. Top, Ryan T. Botts, David E. Cummings. 2016. High diversity of CTX-M extended-spectrum β-lactamases in municipal wastewater and urban wetlands. Microbial Drug Resistance. 22:312-20
  • Shen, Jian, Ning Song, Christopher J. Williams, Celeste J. Brown, Zheng Yan, Chen Xu, Larry J. Forney. 2016. Effects of low dose estrogen therapy on the vaginal microbiomes of women with atrophic vaginitis. Scientific Reports 6:e24380.
  • Thomas, Christopher M, Nicholas R. Thomson, Ana M. Cerdeño-Tárraga, Celeste J. Brown, Eva M. Top, Laura S. Frost. 2017. Annotation of plasmid genes. Plasmid 91:61-67.

Microbial Community Structure
I study the microbial communities of the marmoset gastrointestinal tract as part of an NIH funded project at the Texas Biomedical Research Institute. Marmosets are a non-human primate model for studying human diseases related to aging, obesity, and intestinal inflammation. We are studying the effect of diet on the marmoset gut microbiome and the relationship between obesity and the gut microbiome with the goals of improving the health of marmoset colonies and of understanding this relationship in a non-human primate model.

Genetic Diversity of Plasmids
I annotate naturally-occurring, broad host range (BHR) plasmids, which as their name suggests, have the ability to move between distantly related bacterial taxa. This work with Dr. Eva Top has greatly increased the number of annotated whole plasmid genome sequences, a badly needed resource for understanding the evolutionary history of multidrug resistant plasmids and the trajectories by which resistance genes spread from environment to clinic and back.


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