For Industry

The OTT is focused on transferring technology and providing benefit to the public. University technologies are licensed both to established companies and start-ups. The start-up development effort requires significantly more work than licensing to established companies, but has been an extremely active and rewarding portion of OTT. When a technology presents itself as a start-up opportunity, OTT is eager to promote and foster the start-up. {The office provides guidance and assistance to the start-ups and is often willing to take a small equity stake in start-up companies in lieu of up-front fees and for the deferral of patent reimbursements. This provides for the start-up to preserve capital, a critical aspect of early success.}

We can accommodate a range of licensing alternatives, including exclusive, non-exclusive, and Field of Use and other limited licenses. We prefer to start licensing discussion with a Term Sheet rather than a license template.

At UI, all the Material Transfer Agreement and Confidentiality Agreement (Non-disclosure agreement) are reviewed, negotiated, and signed by the OTT. Individual investigator has no right to sign them on the behalf of the university.