Galloway dam


Mission and Vision
IWRRI draws on expertise within the Idaho university system to (1) develop meaningful solutions for Idaho water problems through basic and applied, interdisciplinary research; (2) provide high-quality natural resource education and educational support; and (3) transfer technologies and information developed from research activities to agencies, organizations, and individuals involved in water use, management, and protection.

IWRRI is administered by the University of Idaho, but works with faculty at all of Idaho's research universities to develop inter-institutional research teams to help analyze and solve Idaho's pressing water resources problems. The IWRRI Director is housed at the UI - Boise Campus, and IWRRI currently has offices on the UI - Moscow and UI - Idaho Falls campuses, IWRRI has a satelite office in Coeur d'Alene.

The Idaho Water Resources Research Institute (IWRRI) is celebrating 50 years of water resources research and education programs which has been applied throughout the state to insure and informed constituency and the development of meaningful, collaborative solutions addressing Idaho water problems and concerns.  Please view a presentation of IWRRI’s history and accomplishments.