2009 Recognized Innovations

AREVA NP, Inc. | Chien Wai
Extracting Usable Enriched Uranium
After years of trial and error, Wai came up with a system to extract usable enriched uranium from the ashes of low-level radioactive waste.
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ImmumoPrecise Antibodies Ltd | Ken Cain
Fighting Disease in Trout and Salmon
Producing an important antibody for the screening of an aquatic pathogen in salmon and trout broodstock.
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Twiga Foundation | Harriet Shaklee
Fostering Math and Science education through play
BLOCK Fest is a block play game that helps parents support the development of pre-math and science skills in children ages eight months to eight years.
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Natural Industries | Donald Crawford
Preventing harmful thatch accumulation in turf
DeThatch-9® is a high concentration of the patented microorganism that, when applied to turf, breaks down dead plant tissue and frees up soil from harmful thatch accumulation.
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Veterinary Medical Research and Development, Inc. | Keun Seok Seo
Keeping Cattle Healthy
In the past year, two separate technologies related to the health of cattle have been licensed by Veterinary Medical Research and Development, Inc., or VMRD.
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Potato Variety Management Institute | Jeff Stark
Introducing a new variety of potato
Originally created in 1984 via a cross between A7816-14 and Russet Norkotah, the potato has been evaluated for over 20 years, culminating in an exclusive license to grow being issued to Potandon Produce LLC, the largest marketer of fresh potatoes in North America.
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Genesis Distributing, LLC | Terry Quinn, Darren Owsley, Clifford Clark
Opening Doors on Campus
Terry Quinn recently licensed a web based product that reduces time, money and headaches for granting and denying access to doors on campus.
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BioXcelerator Technologies, LLC | Ron Crawford, Terry Soule, Tom Hess
Optimizing complex biological systems through evolution
Scientists at the University of Idaho recently developed a novel computer program that optimizes complex biological systems using nature’s most potent problem solver – evolution.
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UT - Tyler | Monte Boisen
Upgrading skills and understanding of mathematic principles and techniques.
Utilizes both person-to-person interactions and an advanced computer learning system to make a difference in the math abilities of students.
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