2010 Recognized Innovations

TerraFusion, Inc. | Ronald L. Crawford, Barbara Williams, Thomas Weaver, Malcolm B. Burbank
In situ precipitation of CaCO3 by indigenous microorganisms to improve mechanical properties in soil
The technology is a process that uses native bacteria to solidify soil, stabilize existing foundations in earthquake risk soils, and facilitate rudimentary road-building to the rest of the world at a low cost. One target is to use this technology to stabilize soils as Haiti begins to rebuild its infrastructure.
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Wagner Seed Company, Cooperative Agricultural Producers, Inc., Whitgro, Inc. and Geddes Farms, Inc. | Bob Zemetra
4 non-exclusive agreements for a UICF- Brundage, UICF-Lambert, and UICF-Grace Clearfiled wheat varieties
These new varieties help wheat growers that have problems with goat grass and weeds in their fields.
Potato Variety Management Institute, Inc. | Jeff Stark
Classic Russet, Clearwater Russet, and Alpine Russet Potatoes
The special attributes of these varieties include early processors with high % of #1 tubers, excellent fry color out of storage, and good processing quality following long-term storage.
Alternative Agricultural Products, Inc. | Jack Brown
US Exclusive License for 8 Brassicacaea cultivars
Alternative Agricultural Products, Inc. entered into a master license agreement for 8 brassicacaea cultivars. Jack Brown is our breeder of these varieties and continues to work with AAP to develop additional varieties for their use both internationally and domestically.