2010 Patents Issued

U.S. Patent 7,744,764 | Reactive filtration
Issued June 29, 2010
Inventors: Greg Moller
A method for treating waste water includes passing ozonized waste water through a bed of moving sand. This adds in the removal of new emerging contaminants, such as hormones and birth control chemistries, in the discharge of waste water treatment plants.
U.S. Patent 7,740,864 | Vaccines for diseases of fish
Issued June 22, 2010
Inventors: Kenneth D. Cain, Benjamin R. LaFrentz, Scott LaPatra
A method for immunizing against coldwater disease caused by Flavobacterium psychrophilum. Fish are immunized by a mass vaccination method, such as by immersion in water containing an attenuated strain of the pathogenic bacterium.
U.S. Patent 7,713,423|Reactive Filtration
Issued May 11, 2010
Inventors: Gregory Moller, Kevin Marshall Brackney, Roger Alan Korus, Gerald Michael Keller Jr, Brian Keith Hart, Remembrance Louisa Newcombe
A reactive filtration method that continuously regenerates filter media while simultaneously filtering contaminants from fluid flowing through the filter media. In one embodiment, the method is used for removing phosphorus, arsenic or a heavy metal from waste water.
U.S. Patent 7,686,865 | Method and system for recovering metal from metal-containing materials
Issued March 30, 2010
Inventors: Chien M. Wai, Sydney S. Koegler
A method for recovering a metal, such as uranium, by exposing the metal-containing material to an extractant containing a liquid or supercritical-fluid solvent and an acid-base complex including an oxidizing agent and a complexing agent. After the metal is extracted, it is separated from the solvent in a countercurrent stripping column.
U.S. Patent 7,629,116|Type I interferon-inducible proteins to detect viral infection
Issued December 8, 2009
Inventors: Troy L. Ott
A method for determining the presence of a viral infection in an animal not known to have been infected with a virus or other disease-causing microbial organism by determining the level of Mx protein or other Type I Interferon-inducible protein in the animal.
U.S. Patent 7,627,437 | Categorization of microbial communities
Issued December 1, 2009
Inventors: Larry J. Forney, James Foster, Celeste Brown, Paul Joyce, Zaid Abdo, Audra Johnson, Xia Zhou
A method for characterizing microbial populations. Exemplified by methods for characterizing microbiota in vaginal samples, the methods provided are widely applicable to the characterization of microbial communities. Also provided are probiotic regimens and methods for selecting appropriate probiotic regimens based on the normal vaginal microbiota of a subject. Reagents and kits for detecting normal vaginal microbiota and diagnosing pathogenic microorganisms in the vagina are also provided.
U.S. Patent 7,582,561|Method of selectively depositing materials on a substrate using a supercritical fluid
Issued September 1, 2009
Inventors: Chien M. Wai, Hiroyuki Ohde, Steve Kramer
A method for depositing one or more materials on a substrate, such as for example, a semiconductor substrate that includes providing the substrate; applying a polymer film to at least a portion of a surface of the substrate; and exposing the semiconductor substrate to a supercritical fluid containing at least one reactant for a time sufficient for the supercritical fluid to swell the polymer and for the at least one reactant to penetrate the polymer film.
U.S. Patent 7,489,538 | Radiation tolerant combinational logic cell
Issued February 10, 2009
Inventors: Gary R. Maki, Jody W. Gambles, Sterling Whitaker
A system has a reduced sensitivity to Single Event Upset and/or Single Event Transient(s) compared to traditional logic devices. In a particular embodiment, the system includes an input, a logic block, a bias stage, a state machine, and an output.