Each proposal will be evaluated by reviewers selected from various colleges within the UI. Because the review panel is diverse, proposers are strongly encouraged to write for a nonexpert audience. Proposers should read the Seed Grant Evaluation Sheet (below) to make sure that their proposal addresses all of the criteria.

Reviewers will assign proposals a rank of Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, or Poor. The reviewers will evaluate each proposal on the following:
  • The degree to which the proposed work will initiate or contribute to a new or early scholarly project that will support the PI’s career development. 
  • Overall quality and clarity of the proposal 
  • Degree to which the budget is reasonable and well‐justified 
The reviewers will convene as a panel to discuss proposals and make funding recommendations. The Research Council makes final funding decisions and may require modifications in the budget as a condition of funding. Award notifications are expected to be made in early April, 2013.