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U-Idaho LASR

LASR Projects

LASR projects will be diverse and may cover any area of inquiry. Our affiliation with the University of Idaho enables access to all departments and colleges so that our efforts can include applied research in any field: from biotechnology to information technology, market analysis, marketing, advertising, and more. Our primary focus however, is applied science research to address specific problems encountered by our partners. Initial projects will typically have durations of weeks to months with well-defined expected outcomes.

Anatomy of a LASR project –
  • Corporate partner contacts LASR with research/development need.
  • LASR responds with targeted questions to better understand the problem and enable LASR to assemble interest and expertise at the University of Idaho (or from other resources).
  • Meeting with corporate partner, LASR, and expert researcher (as required).
  • LASR provides a brief summary of proposed solutions for consideration by corporate partner.
  • Project meeting takes place including LASR, corporate partner and expert. researcher(s). Agreement is reached on size, scope and timeline for project.
  • Draft research or technical agreement is provided by LASR to corporate partner.
  • Project negotiation between LASR and corporate partner. (LASR project development with expert researcher(s) and university may include corporate partner but this is not required.)
  • Upon agreement, project is initiated. LASR manages project timeline and progress to deliverables.
  • Deliverables provided to corporate partner, LASR provides project report in collaboration with expert researcher(s).
  • Next phase of project (as required)