Clearwater Russet Potato

Clearwater Russet (OTT case 09-007)

The Clearwater Russet is medium-late maturing, with oblong-long tubers that have medium russet skin. Tubers exhibit excellent fry color out of storage and their attractiveness make this variety suitable for both processing and fresh market usage. It has high specific gravity and is resistant to sugar ends as well as most internal and external tuber defects. This potator variety is notable for having a higher protein content than those of standard potato varieties, with 38% greater concentration than Russet Burbank.

Clearwater Russet produces oblong tubers with brown, medium-heavy russet skin. The eyes are shallow in depth and intermediate in number and are evenly distributed. Tuber set is low, and tuber size is medium. Total yields for Clearwater Russet ranged from about 92 to 97% of Ranger Russet and 88 to 105% of Russet Burbank in 26 yield trials conducted in eastern Idaho, central and western Idaho, Washington and Oregon. U.S. No. 1 yields for Clearwater Russet ranged from 105 to 111% of Ranger Russet in Idaho and Oregon but only 86% of Ranger Russet in Washington. By comparison, U.S. No. 1 yields for Clearwater Russet were 47, 25, 51 and 20% higher than Russet Burbank in eastern Idaho, western and central Idaho, Oregon, and Washington, respectively.

If interested in licensing this potato variety please contact the Potato Variety Management Institute (PVMI).