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Vision, Values and Direction

The University of Idaho is an internationally recognized land-grant institution combining research, graduate, and professional education with a strong undergraduate base in the liberal arts and sciences.

Our teaching and learning activities seek to engage every student in a transformative journey of discovery and understanding. Our scholarly and creative activity aspires to generate knowledge that strengthens the scientific, economic, cultural, social, and legal foundations of an open, diverse, and democratic society. Our outreach and engagement facilitates lifelong learning and energizes the development of prosperous and environmentally sound communities, while enhancing the relevance and excellence of our academic enterprise. Programs in the arts and athletics aspire to high levels of accomplishment and visibility.

Our work is shaped by a passion for knowledge, innovation and creativity, by the rigor of high academic and ethical standards, by the attainment of each individual’s full human potential, by the enrichment generated through diversity, and by the dissolution of cultural and organizational barriers. We are committed to improving our community, the communities we serve, and the facilities necessary for us to fulfill our vision and mission.

We emphasize quality and access, focusing our efforts on sustaining strong programs and investing resources in strategic directions that advance the interests of Idaho in an increasingly interdependent and competitive world. Through collaboration across strong academic disciplines, and through the creation of public, private, and community partnerships, we will undertake bold initiatives to promote science, technology, and their applications; to invigorate the liberal arts and sciences; to catalyze entrepreneurial innovation; to steward the natural environment; and to develop the design, lifestyles and civic infrastructures of sustainable communities.