University of Idaho Supervisory Excellence Program

Supervisory Excellence Program

Welcome to the University of Idaho’s new training for supervisors and administrators, the Supervisory Excellence Program.

The Supervisory Excellence Program was designed by Professional Development and Learning to enhance supervisory excellence at the University of Idaho by:

  • Providing supervisors and administrators with tools and skills to hire and develop an effective team, manage optimal performance and maintain a positive work culture.
  • Increasing supervisor and administrator knowledge in critical areas of legal and ethical compliance.
  • Refining supervisory skills and facilitate a communication network.

To recognize and accommodate the diversity of supervisor needs, Professional Development and Learning (PDL) proposes three “tracks” of supervisory learning opportunities:

Track One – Basic Leadership Development for Supervisors (Now Available)

Track One is for new and first-line supervisors, as well as for individuals wishing to prepare themselves for supervisory positions in the future.  This track provides a general overview of supervisory roles and responsibilities. Workshop topics include: motivating employees, University of Idaho policies and procedures, conflict management, performance management, employee relations and communication skills.

Track Two – Advanced Leadership Development for Supervisors (Date TBD)

Track Two is for higher-level managers and administrators, most of whom have previous experience in management and leadership. Topics in this track include understanding the university’s budget process, ethics, and legal issues in higher education, leadership and learning styles.

Track Three – Advanced Leadership Development for Faculty Administrators (Date TBD)

Track Three, facilitated and coordinated by Academic Affairs, is specifically for faculty administrators and would be particularly helpful for new department chairs. Topics would be appropriate for the special challenges and responsibilities of a faculty manager.