Getting Started

Here is a quick overview for getting your Banner user account.  Please note that prior to Banner Navigation, employees or affiliates and their sponsoring departments should complete the appropriate documentation.  This may take a few days and includes:

User Department
Employee completes I-9, W-4, and other employment paperwork at Human Resources THEN Department initiates an EPAF
An EPAF must be initiated for a Banner account to be created.
Affiliate (non-employee user) completes the affiliate paperwork from Human Resources THEN Department initiates an EPAF
An EPAF must be initiated for a Banner account to be created.

Next, Begin Banner Navigation training:

  1. Visit our website and from the Banner Training area, click on Banner Navigation Training.  Watch the training and respond to the questions throughout. Complete the electronic form at the end of the training to initiate your Banner account request.
  2. Within 24 hours of the account request, ITS/MIS will create the Banner user account.  The employee can then login to to change their password (required to sync all user accesses).  The ITS Help Desk may be contacted with questions.
  3. After consulting with your supervisor about your job duties, review the Banner class information and identify the classes you need to take and in which order.
  4. Take online, register for the next available class(es), or request a class be scheduled, through the Banner Training Portal.

Things You Need to Know

As a Banner User, you will automatically be subscribed to the BannerInfo listserv and will remain a listserv member for the duration you are an active Banner user.  This listserv is used to provide all Banner users at the University of Idaho with an understanding of what is going on in the Banner community as well as provide important information about Banner training, reminders, upgrades, deadlines, issues, etc.  If you would like to send a message to all Banner users, submit the email to  Emails should be relative to Banner, Banner Training, processing reminders, scheduling changes, etc., and will be moderated.

The Navigation Keys and Icons sheet is a handy tool for every Banner user.  Download it and keep a copy handy.

You can use the Java Check tool to make sure that your computer has the correct version of Java installed to successfully use Banner.

If you will be working from off-campus, such as from home or while traveling, you will need to ensure you have a secure VPN connection.  You can access this from the ITS Support Site.

You can view upcoming classes from the PDL website or by logging into the Banner Training Portal.  You may also download the Classes and Contacts Directory, organized by module.

Please contact the ITS Help Desk with questions about account logins or password changes.  Account access or training questions can be directed to PDL or by calling 885-2324.