Q:  What types of Banner Classes are there and how do I know what they are?

A:  Online Classes include Banner Navigation and Finance Query. Banner Navigation is available on the PDL website under the Banner Training menu.  You can access Finance Query by logging into the Banner Training Portal and clicking on the Finance Query link under Online Classes.

Q:  Where do I go to look for Banner Training?

A:  Banner Training information is available on the PDL Website (you are here) and through the Banner Training Portal.   Register for classes through the Banner Training Portal at https://www.training.uidaho.edu/traintrack/main.asp.  

Q:  How do I know what Banner classes I need to take and in which order?

A:  Your supervisor will let you know which Banner classes you will need to take to be successful in your position.  They may need you to take Finance module classes first to take care of day-to-day tasks and then want you to take Student module classes later, for example.  Regardless of which classes you will need to take to do your job, you must take Banner Navigation first followed by the Query class for the specific module you will be working in.  Additionally, the Classes and Contacts directory and the Class list within the Banner Training Portal both list classes and descriptions for you to review.

Q:  Can I take any class at any time or do I need to be mindful of taking prerequisites?

A:  Banner Navigation training (available online) must be completed before registering for any other Banner training.  Additionally, completion of a Query class for the module you need access to is required (HR Query, Finance Query, Student Query, etc.) before taking any other classes within those modules.

Q:  I have requested a class be scheduled through the Banner Training Portal but haven’t heard anything.  What do I do?

A:  You may contact the trainer of that class directly to find out when they anticipate scheduling the next  class.  Each trainer is listed in the Classes and Contacts directory along with the classes they teach and their contact information.

Q:  I am getting emails from the BannerInfo listserv and I would like to stop receiving them.  How do I unsubscribe?

A:  All Banner users will be subscribed to the BannerInfo listserv.  Those users that no longer have an active Banner account will be unsubscribed.

Q:  Banner Accounts get locked/disabled when a person leaves the University once an EPAF is put into the system or after one month.  What do I need to do to regain access?

A:  You will need to review the online Banner Navigation class again and take the exam.  Your account will then be recreated and you will be able to register for Banner classes you need to gain access.